2009 Recap – How Pragmatic was involved in a slot scam

If you enter any casino you’ll likely see lots of slots coming from one and the same provider, namely Pragmatic. It is a software studio providing games for most casino’s where a endless of list of titles. But did you know back in 2009, Pragmatic was involved in a scam that offered a game with a progressive jackpot, which lasted around 6 years but never was able to even hit the jackpot due to a technical and fraudulent issue? There’s not a lot of info on this topic, named “Diablo 13” with progressive feature.

It was a generic game like any other where it needed to have certain symbols all the way across to trigger the progressive jackpot feature. But the strange thing was those symbols required would never land on reel one, which made it impossible to win that jackpot in the first place. When people made notion about it, the game was pulled from the online casino, the jackpot basicly gone, and a weak promis to pay the players out who wagered on the game in the first place. Here’s some evidence to the matter:

Pragmatic caught in a casino scam

It is said to believe that the progressive jackpot of over 6 million dollars back then, was never paid out, and was shoved into the pockets of both pragmatic and the casino who was involved with it. The amount of people who had no chance in winning the progressive, as the obvious required wild was completely missing out of reel one was considered a very bad practice. Pragmatic play btw, licences or gets most games from TopGame, which are masters in rebranding old games into a new coat.

The original source from InfoPowa News

Alarming reports are accumulating across several Internet gambling message boards regarding what appears to be mysteriously missing Wild symbols on Top Game-powered video slots offered at Rome Casino. Apparently the Wilds went AWOL instead of appearing on reels 1 and 5 in games like Diablo 13, Wild Sevens and Dougies Delights, creating a potential for prejudice among players using these games and rendering it virtual impossible for them to win.

Rome Casino managers were warned about the missing symbols, which help to build winning combinations, after several webmasters had played and confirmed the player complaints. There are reports that Rome Casino officials claimed to have taken the affected games off the Internet and fixed the fault, but that these claims later proved to be false.

No public and official explanation has yet been offered by either Top Game or Rome Casino, and it is unknown whether the flaw has impacted the same games carried on a number of otherTop Game online casinos. Major player and affiliate information portals like Casinomeister and the GPWA are currently carrying ongoing discussions on the issue, urging both Top Gaming and Rome Casino to come forward and explain what caused the flaw and how it is being addresses, particularly in relation to players who used the games with knowing that they had no chance of winning.

A missing wild on reel 1 and 5 while not being able to hit the progressive is fraudulent. I am not saying, pragmatic is a provider to avoid. I mean you cannot really get around it. And with licenced or established casino’s most of the time all games are in a certain way fair. Technically a casino does not have to cheat – the house edge on games already guarantees profit on the long run. But above is just one of those articles i stumbled upon and which seems to disappear over time. What do you think about Pragmatic? Let me know in the comments.