500 Casino Rain Bot Script

If anyone is playing on the 500.casino website, and curious to know if a thing such as a rain clicker bot exists. The answer is yes! I’ve mocked up a simple script that in co-operation with X plugin can be installed and used while your not behind the computer. What exactly is 500 casino rain and what is a bot? If you play frequently on 500 casino you’ll notice the rain appearing at the right sidebar among chat. Rain is a feature that gives back a small percentage based on your wagering. So the more you wager the more you get back. I’ve figured out that i’m not always around but i do like the small drips of rakeback, and i’ve tested this overnight to see the results.

After a simple configuration (a listener into javascript events) i’ve made it work and had it run overnight. The next morning there was a healthy 40$ rakeback based on the collecting of rain events. So this script is pretty much useful for those who seek to auto collect rain on longer term. However, there’s small letters to the usage of the rain. First of all the rain is only based on your wager. If you wager alot you are in a way guaranteed to have something back. But overtime, and if you stop depositing money into the casino, the rain will likely pay less and to a point where it pays consistently nothing. But it would be a cool feature to collect things overnight and depending on your roll, have a good balance.

Installation of the Rainbot

You’ll need Tampermonkey which is a tool that allows its users to customize and enhance the functionality of your favorite web pages. Once installed, surf to 500.casino, next click on Extensions in your browser, open Tampermonkey, click on “Create a new script” and copy paste the following script from Jeroensgambling.com/rain-script.js into Tampermonkey. The script looks like the following code which has a 5 second (standard) timer upon any rain event.

window.addEventListener(‘load’,() => {
var clicked = 0;
setInterval(function() {
if(document.getElementsByClassName(‘rain-box-container’)[0].getElementsByClassName(‘base-button button is-pink’)[0]) {
if(clicked === 0) {
console.log(‘Its raining on 500’);
document.getElementsByClassName(‘rain-box-container’)[0].getElementsByClassName(‘base-button button is-pink’)[0].click();
clicked = 1;
} else {
clicked = 0;
}, 5000);

Once installed correctly, surf to 500.casino website, click on extensions, tampermonkey, and see if Rain Clicker 500.casino is running. Upon any new rain, it should automaticly click for you (as long as you keep the tab open) and start collecting rain. Over night i’ve figured out it collected around 40$ which is a good starting balance for the low rollers among us. Note; This script is not malware or anything bad related. The script can be adjusted to other websites or domains as well.