A follow up (part 2) on Fake Ayezee

User Fakestreamer on Youtube has made a second part on Ayezee – and this time a more in depth look into the following base as it’s highly suspected that Ayezee is “renting” bots to push up the viewing count(s) on his twitch. I guess me and fakestreamer missed eachother here because i done some homework back then on Ayezee himself on Ayezee being under the payroll of to get a more in depth look of his true activities. Bottom line short; most of these streamers in the higher end are simply doing it for the affiliate leads. They have zero financial risk to this high stakes gambling!

In order for ayezee to have his deals with the casino’s, his stats are simply faked. Uses it’s audience to unnaturally “comment” on video’s or give like’s in exchange for a raffle. This offers cheap and fast promotion as it is tricking the youtube algorithm that a gambling video is appearantly populair. The view counts on those video’s are generated for a portion by viewing bots as well. The whole streaming industry at the higher end, is simply fake! I hope more and more realise to stop feeding these online narcists for what they truely are. They are filling their pockets at the costs of other players who have quite significant losses compared to streamers.

You don’t believe it? Do your own homework then. The marketing budgets of these casino’s is out of proportion in terms of what they are paying streamers to promote gambling in the first place. And a simple mathematical calculation knows they will be yielding pure profit due to highly strict slots compared to streamers. If your so up for winning big or wanting to know true or real casino’s please check my selection of top casino’s. The industry is dirty, winning half a mil of dollars and simply continuing on playing slots means that there is a none-withdrawl disclosure or simply generating content for the dumb masses.

Anyone who has gambled knows that, 100k can be life changing money, and can be enough motivation to simply stop or easen up on gambling. Why push yourself through all this stress? Even that narcist clown Stevewilldoit admitted in a video not putting his body through all the stress gambling provided so he started streaming while being paid by the casino. Zero stress. And money. Faking it all the way along. How much more do you need to know that these garbage streamers like Ayezee are just pure frauds?

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