A healthy 2024

As 2024 just turned in, it’s time to start doing things different from the next year on. As some of you might know i started Fakestreamers.com to expose and highlight the most common fake streamers but also huge casino budgets in regards of hiring these b class entertainers with zero financial risk. I think it’s important since none of these casino’s actually provide a transparancy in regards of affiliation of streamers and what the true nature of those deals are. And why they are getting these million of dollars fake wins. I have no issue with casino promotion, let that be straightforward, and any commercial streamer who’s streaming casino play should just be open about it.

I fully understand that streaming likely cost you money, esp with the competition, it’s dozen of give aways and finding new ways to attract players to signup using your code. But it’s no class to fake it and spin in the thousands of dollars to pretend that those wins are actually yours or coming off of your own money. It’s the whole reason why twitch enforced gambling bans on their platform. Because the deals and promotion of casino’s are shady. We seen many reports of people who where able to deposit but not take money out with whatever bogus excuse the casino throws at their customers this time. I’d like to take a moment for the option to Report Fake Streamers.

The more ground i attract with the above website, the better as to provide people a better understanding how the majority of Fake Casino Streamers are only in for the money and many times you see the people not even be asociated with gambling at all. It’s just another day at the office for these folks and they do not care about their followers. Gambling with money that does not belong to you 100% will make you play different. If you do recieve funds from the casino to promote their place, just be open about it. Then there is no need for a website like the above in the first place. But oh wait, then you would be a fake casino streamer? And people know what the deal would be? Correct!

So do yourself and others a favor, and spread the word please. It’s important to have youngsters esp. know that the world of affiliation is a dirty business. And as you can see casino’s are paying huge amounts of fake money to have these streamers play slots, create content of big winnings, and making you or others believe they get rich by gambling. No they do not get rich by gambling. They get rich out of the deal they are having from the casino and likely a percentage out of the affiliate losses OR a percentage of a big win in total. Do you get the picture now? This is why it’s so important to keep things real and simply blacklist casino’s and Rogue Casino Websites for what they really are. Peace.

Oh, and while your at it, take a look at Trusted casino’s and support above movement. Doing all that work is pretty much unpaid at this point. As for future plans – the layout is going to have a swift change in the future and some other cool & handy things for my visitors. Stay tuned!