A honest review of Megaslot.com

So here’s my honest experience with Megaslot.com, megaslot.io casino review over the last few months of play. As you might knew i was a affiliate for the casino for some time. Some affiliates signup, played and it got me some sort of comission that i simply converted into real playable funds under my own account. I think i played for over quite some months in regards on megaslot casino. The only thing that really attracted me was the selection of some games such as bigtimegaming, nolimit and some other providers followed with the selection of the live games such as Lightning roulette or Crazy time. I never really won anything out of the ordinairy since i have the idea that my action is just based on what i deposit.

So i’ve done around 10k worth of deposits and to be honest, it is a shitty experience in general. The slots are tight, even tho advertised with a symbolic 96% RTP and so on, i dont think and this goes out for every casino out there, that just the RTP tells enough or not. I’m sure that casino’s can opt for higher or lower variance based of play, or perhaps limit the maximum win a slot can produce. There’s evidence to the above if you look for it. The few games i played where quite impossible on the higher limit slots, i’m talking € 20 per spin and often just tanked my balance in roughly minutes of play. The only considerable amount ive won was win of € 2500 since Razor Shark landed with a 1000x coin on a € 2,50 bet.

Due to my deposit behaviour i quickly drawed attention of one of the VIP manager. To be honest; their bonus program is absolutely garbage. Deposit 10k and the best they can come up with is € 120 with a 15x wagering. Or additional free spins on (obvious) the lowest bet at 20 cents. It really was a waste of time considering the thing that i attempted to chase over the course of months. The VIP manager explained me that they have a cross license from the N1 brand and obviously there are percentages to be paid to N1 casino for that. I strongly believe that odds or maximum payout in this case, is capped. My proof? Quite some games have a max bonus buy limit of € 100… And we’re talking the 4 and not 5 scatter feature.

When i asked both VIP and chat support they both shove it on the provider. Well i know quite some places that have virtually no limit in regards if you buy the 3, 4 or 5 scatter feature on san quentin or Mental. The thing is it is all about (financial) liability. And they dont want too much of that. When i contacted chat to close my account as of today, here’s some interesting emails i got in response back. Mind you this is from the VIP support itself and i just really dont feel like ever stepping back into this place again. I avoid doing any N1 brand or casino from curacao for that matter. It’s just too fishy and to be honest i never had any good experience with casino’s from curacao in the first place. Like slots are simply too tight.

A casino entity being established in the respected country i’m from, obviously has to have a license for it’s business, is checked by certain authority’s and entities assure to provide the software that everything runs in a legal way. The best part about this is that the odds of actually winning is more significant then on a greedy ass casino from curacao such as Megaslot or the whole N1 Casino group. There is just something about it that i cant place. In order to get action you have to keep depositting. It’s just the hard truth. And if that is the price of gambling well you can have it. We or I play to have a chance at winning. Not being milked on a daily basis almost with very very slim chances of actually getting ahead.

Let’s just not forget about the above incident, where streamer Roshtein on accident clicked demo, revealing a Identical balance as he was playing with. Anyone who clicked demo before will yield you a fun balance, which is there for demo purposes with virtually no limit or whatsoever. How the heck is above possible on a established brand like N1 Casino in the first place? Was he using software that would gimmick demo play into real play? Or was something else at stake that the casino crafted for Roshtein? We’ve seen that some streamers used a demo account as a username on the casino to login to perform streaming. The business and esp. from such countries is completely rotten. Now back to communication with my VIP manager.

Hello Jeroen! I am glad to write to you again. You’re one of our very special and loyal players, and we don’t want to lose you:broken_heart: And if there is a little chance to keep you with us, I want to use it and offer something excellent. Something so good, that it will make your heart beats faster and the blood boil in veins. Best regards, Jessica – Just to remind you; the VIP manager is all trained to “get you back aboard” and “keep playing”. That is the sole purpose of a VIP manager because you are raking in the money on every bet and deposit you are doing. It’s just a simple fact. As i engaged, they proposed me a € 60 euro bonus with a 15x wager. Sorry you really have to show up with something better then just “60” euro.

I’m like you gotta do better then this… if you cant come up with something proper or at least draw my attention then don’t go for it (as i really feel like not spending a dime on this place ever again). I suggested a healthy 500 euro followed with a 29x wagering requirement, since their slots are so strict and you cant play the live games, what odds do i really have to beat the wager? Quite a task right? Well here’s the answer: I have talked with my supervisor, and we can offer you a 120 EUR bonus with wager x15. It is the best option I have right now. – I told them you either accept what i suggested or just close my account. I’m not interested in these low wagering nonsense bonus offerings. Mind you they are doing it to keep you playing.

I’m not from yesterday obviously and i already decided days ago to leave the place. It leaves me with another bad taste in regards of playing slots that it is no longer a place online to “win” but to leave you with just enough to have you continue playing. Yes these places are fully designed and have their mathematicals setup in such a way that it is very difficult or tough to even get ahead. What happened with the days of true luck, a deposit of € 40 leaving to cashouts of over 10K? Mweh. I would strongly advised not to engage with these N1 brands in general anymore. Most sites that offer reviews about Megaslot.com or Megaslot.io only praise it due to the affiliation it brings. There are no real legitimate websites in that regard.

The most important thing for me in a casino is a good or healthy bonus system. Ive played at casino’s that dropped in € 500 with a 29x wagering requirement with no questions asked. If you beat it you where free to withdrawl. This kind of service is what i’m personally looking for. Others dont care alot about it and just want to play. In general this is the 3rd N1 casino brand ive tried. They all advertise with “FS” but the FS stands for points that you can convert into playing money (with obviously a wager and your level of conversion goes back to zero every month). It is a shit casino. Do not attempt to even try. I’m sure others will feel the same sooner or later. Carefull with those casino’s from curacao. You can check out my selection of top casino’s.