A post on gambling addiction

In a way we’re all hooked to gambling, are’nt we? The density from one to another differs and usually it is a danger that is underestimated by many and yet officially a disease. Ive talked to some people who lived a great portion of their time inside casino’s, even had their marriages organised inside but ultimately lost it all. I believe that once you are hooked to gambling, it really does’nt go away even if you would actively quit playing. Talk to any gambling addict or “expert” and they all say it is a change in the mind that is pretty much irreversible. The ones who’s really went down that road can attest that, and perhaps had a good stable steady life before and lost it all through the proces. I was always fortunate and i’m gratefull every day of waking up again. However lets have a moment for those who got caught up in the extremely damaging road of casino’s and gambling, and how you can yourself take it easy.

Ive seen people lose their paycheques, or put the complete profit right back in because they simply dont stop doing what they do. They are simply caughtup in their own brain at that point and it is playing till extinction. There are great websites that offer various tips on how to overcome or strengthen yourself day by day to not play or not spunk money on the casino. When we look at USA for example, the suicides due to gambling addiction is far more higher then Europe primarily due to the intensity of casino’s. On every state or city there’s a casino and even in shopping malls there’s room for video poker slots. It’s insane is’nt it? Well this direction was the UK and Germany heading as well with more and more betting shops or casino’s on a small density. It’s said that it would bring lots of extra revenue for the goverment and “jobs” within the casino industry, but that people lose alot more is’nt stated.

Most of these casino’s or lobbyists forget that, one who devotes all his cash to casino’s woud’nt be buying a new car, kitchen, buy a pair of shoes or clothing. The money is no longer flowing to society in a way but flowing back to casino’s which maintain more and more aggresive tactics. The amount of advertisement on television on relation of gambling is immense. It’s difficult (which i understand) for those who cope with a gambling addiction not to be temptated. I hope the goverment and broadcast tv stations stop looking at ad revenue for a moment and choose what is morally right. The amount of (registered) addicts is’nt the only picture either. The amount of people unregistered and addicted to gambling is quite large. And now with various country’s allowing more and more internet gambling, the intensity as well is also larger and thus imposes a risk for the young & unaware here.

Gambling is cool to a certain degree, but not when it’s absorbing your rent, or things you should have bought and spunked it on gambling. At the end of the day only you are responsible for your own actions. And every major casino will attest to that. There where some interesting lawsuits of people and casino’s and losing quite some money. Overall the outcome of these cases where quit significant. People, please understand, know your limits, only spend what you can spend and take advise from people who gamble frequently. You dont have to be sensitive for an addiction to become a gambling addict. In the 70’s they did experiments on pigeons on how to turn these into an addict by offering “random rewards”. The video is below and knowing how tech evolved these days, lots of R&D is being put in the games that you see on any casino floor. Casino’s as well are designed to lure you in.

Even i as a occasional gambler sometimes have difficulties to overcome the desire to play. I catch my own mind trying to crave which on it’s own is difficult enough, but overcome or forget about it completely when i start doing other things. Distraction is the key here and for me with a recent win i usually just stop playing for a while. I tend to seek a different hobby, switch back to doing things that i did like before, and once the time is ready ill give it a go. Many people who gamble frequent can proberly attest to that. Ive spoken to my girlfriend and the best approach is is to give gambling a place. Have a go once in a while, and dont go too crazy. Always talk about it, dont hide it, lie about it and just be honest about it. I’m honest enough to dare to speak but also honest enough to take responsibility of my own actions. You can do it too.

Sure you can dance a little with the devil once in a while, but use your common sense. Know when it’s time to quit. And know when to stop. If you cant stand the heat, then you shoud’nt be in the kitchen. Overall you will lose the longer you play. It’s just the nature of the games and the house-edge casino’s have.

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