A tale on free casino give aways

Ah yes. Join a casino, enter your personal details, fill in some code provided by a streamer or someone else, and youll get a free give away. Sounds fun right? Well, think twice. Give-aways are presented to existing but also new following base of a streamer in particular and you have to understand the give away comes with a price. Since your signing yourself up to a casino for taking a freebie, the chances are big that you will be targetted later in a future marketing campaign such as free spins. The odds to you as a customer depositing after taking the “bait” if quite significant. I can only attest to not entering such give-aways because you are simply the product. How many times people where send emails, text messages to their phone without even knowing from who it is? It’s because their data, personal details, are being resold. If anything in the world of casino looks free, it’s usually because you are the product.

  • Like, Share and comment on postings on youtube, twitter or twitch
  • People so called randomly selected – pure enticement
  • Everything you see is just a show. It’s about capturing affiliates
  • Casino’s do sell your personal data, including details of your deposit history

The giveaway is’nt really free. Depending on the bonus you’ve taken there is proberly some wagering requirement needed. This wagering varies from 39x to 59x and the odds of you actually winning is slim. Casino’s are build like a mouse-trap. The better the more of a chance youll be depositing next week or even today. If you understand the marketing tactics applied by casino’s, you’ll know that free give aways are a utterly waste of time and only with enticement to make you play or spend more on the casino. And if that is’nt enough the chances are real that your dealing with a vague, non-compliant casino that refuses to pay you out. Dont be a target of these streamers or weird casino deals. They actually make the most money for people who fall for the trap that “it’s free”. In reality its not. In the sceme of big numbers the freebie is lunch money compared to what they can make from you. Stay alert.