A word on (another) gambling addiction…

It just amazes me the things some people go through in regards of gambling, and utterly perform their last straw as a attempt to “chase back the losses” or to regain some funds like no tomorrow. Hopeless users that retweet one after the other streamer for a freebie in exchange for fast and free promotion, content creators who do nothing else then produce absolute garbage to entice a new young generation of gamblers of gambling. Even the message cant be said enough that a serious gambling addiction can be extreme harmfull, just nobody seems to listen untill your or another is at the point of no return.

A gambler attempting to commit suicide after a huge loss

People with suicidal thoughts after losing it all, is’nt uncommon. And it happens every by now that either one thinks of it and another actually executes it. It’s because they are or became at the point of no return in their life. The lie they have bin living for some quite time “bubbled up” and all the things start to come out. It’s extremely destructive knowing how one can jack up complete savings through a crypto based casino where nobody asks one damn thing about his or her mental state or financial background. Like how can one even afford, spending 200k on gambling in just 24 hours?

I firmly believe that these fake streamers like Ayezee, Roshtein, Xposed and everyone else plus who intends to start fake streaming towards their audience should really think twice, because we’re at a point to seriously start holding these folks accountable for sending out the wrong message. Surely, streaming on it’s own is’nt a crime. However extremely immoral when the casino is sponsoring the streamer and the streamer is just straight up lying about doing real deposits and what more bullshit. They have no idea because they dont suffer from financial loss like real problem gamblers are doing.

I mean we’re talking about a family here, on where the father cut his wrists and the wife found him covered in blood. Any idea how traumatizing that could be for the kids that have a life ahead of them? No, they dont. I firmly believe that streamers as mentioned are narcists, zero emphaty and coud’nt care less about any of the affiliates they send straight into oblivioun with quite lowered RTP’s and quite lower chances of actually winning big or even the possibility of withdrawling. I’d say hang these streamers, like the old days crucify them on the internet. Toss their personal details online.

We used to smear these people in the old days with tar and feathers before being chased out and lynched off the village. The internet offers another wall for them to operate from their little castle with zero to none accountability for what they do. Remember it’s usually the marketing department of casino’s that dictace a streamers next move. Dont be fooled. Gambling is growing to a serious cancer if you ask me and with cancers you deal before it’s too late. In the above and extreme case, it’s still very foolish of the gambler in particular to keep on gambling. You have to understand to keep a healthy balance.

I gamble too, but not as frequent as some do on a daily basis. Balance is the key. Know when to quit. Know when to switch or change your mind into doing something else. If you have difficulty’s or are tempted to gamble, try to change one habbit with the other and dont make decisions that would only worsen the situation over time. If you have a gambling loss or debt, stand up and take accountability for what you did. The chances are extremely slim to win back what you’ve lost over time. Thats all the advice i can give you. Gambling is just designed as it is, and it’s too volatile to spend countless of hours thinking you can win.

I am aware of the dangers obviously, and ive seen quite some people lose it. Ive bin in losing sessions as well and i know the pain. Just dont let it take over; its afterall a emotional rollercoaster, just dont let it grab or take you and drop you out from the financial you have. If you experience suicidal thoughts or your performing some stuff, please seek help. Not just for yourself but also the people around you. When you see someone desperate or needs help, step up and provide him or her the help they need. Gambling addiction is a serious issue. I hope sincerely that these reckless streamers chrash their car around a three one day.