A working strategy to win in landbased casino

Note: This is a experience out of my own, and does not yield a winning tactic in landbased casino’s, but it does make all the sense in the world! – As i went along over the years to landbased casino’s i realised one thing that would get me with profit. The plan was fairly simple. How would i stand best chance winning money in a casino and actually walk away, or get a shot at high limit and double my initial bet? In the casino i used to go they often had the same game spread over different machines, usually “multimachines” in where you pick your favourite game and simply play. I was’nt coming along to spend countless of hours but to fill my pockets dirty, lol. The plan was fairly simple. Upon every visit, i took € 1000 cash, selected up to 5 machines, hit € 200 per machine and aimed for max bet. That was capped at € 4 in the time and yielded over 50 spins per slot or session.

The idea was, that one of these machines should hit, and with the money i made i could either go home, or attempt some high limit if i was feeling lucky enough. This method worked quite some time for me (7 out of 10) and it’s really a game of discipline here. When i would lose the given handpay up to a high limit machine, i knew that the money was for the moment just from the casino, and my only loss was so far only that i put in (or not). So if your looking for a way, i challenge you to give it a try. I stopped going at landbased due to the often new selection of games that dont bother me anymore. Often it’s crowded and if you do have a favourite game the chances are the slot can be taken. Esp. with covid things changed alot. I never chased a pro thing out of this either, because the casino held a registration log. Basicly if you come too much they take you apart and question your frequent visiting behaviour.