About populair streamers again…

Here’s one interesting for you, if you happen to follow any of the stake, roobet, rollbit active streamers (or even got attracted by folks such as Drake and what more). A in depth video on the “Puppets of online gambling” and where streamers appear to defend themself it’s only entertainment and the money is supposed to be raw.

I’ve written it before. If a casino pays you in order to promote or play on their product and you have zero losses due to the affiliation your doing, it’s not real money. It’s given money. And this is why these higher end streamers come up with their bullshit 100k bonus buys, 1000$ bets. Simular as me hitting demo mode at this point since there’s a 100k balance on there.

Let these folks play with their own funds, oh watch them now suddenly being scared of losing. Or going through the cycles which involves gambling in general. All they do at the end of the day is cut their stream and login to watch their affiliate signups, spending(s) and their net profit at the end of the month.

I started

It boils down to this: They are getting paid to play (fake) slots. Just because they have a audience. It’s nonsense and a utterly false presentation of gambling. Luckily twitch is banning the unregulated casino’s starting from the 18th of november this month. Feel like a challenge? Try the 50$ free funds trial.