All populair casino streamers are funded

Say whut? Yes. I thought it would be my last article in regards of “fake streamers” but i coud’nt leave the subject alone for another, one time. A small interesting comment going on at the channel of ProdigyDDK on Youtube. He pretty much wrote being paid on weekly basis to promote slots play on the brand he affiliates for. He said that it was a payment with no obligation or whatsoever, but personally i think different. There woud’nt be any sponsorship left if ProdigyDDK suddenly stopped playing the casino.

Comment to prodigyDDK right on the nail

A very interesting view, for pretty much all of the higher end streamers, who seem to play at unreal stakes of roughly 1000$ up to 1250$ a spin. Or Ayezee who suddenly start doing “half million dollar bonus buys” as it is the number one way to absolutely sustain making money. No kids, you cant make money on long term with gambling and in particular slots, as the tendency is the longer you play the more the house-edge of the casino comes into play. You will lose overall and at such stakes, quite hard.

So what is the catch with these players like ProdigyDDK, Ayezee, Roshtein, Chipmonkz, Xposed and all these others new faces who seem to have endless amounts of funds in regards of playing casino’s? Well, the answer short is, they are getting paid by the casino. A salary to cover most “gambling” expenses and where the streamer does not have any financial risk of his or her own in regards of doing deposits onto the casino.

To put it more simply: the revenue is made out of affiliation and comes with for example, Free give aways, raffles or other stupid shit just to haul you over. When you see someone play and make a huge fortune with gambling, the odds are for you to signup, play, deposit is quite significant. Dont be fooled by the marketing budgets these casino’s have, it’s quite large actually.

Lets say if a casino sponsors up to a million on monthly basis onto two or even one high end streamer with quite a high following base, the return of investment is proberly within the 20 to 40 million dollars a month. Any investment, that brings profit is generally considered a succesfull investment. And these type of investments quickly rise up to the millions of dollars every month drawn to the casino.

It is however, at the expense of affilliates. Their odds are (proven) to be lower compared to a streamer. They will lose quite significant and even faster as it is with their own money. They dont have rakebacks, unlimited funds send into their account. By the time they realise the above, the casino proberly extracted quite some money from these unaware players who have no idea the world of shit they enter.

It is like this song, Hotel California. You can enter but you can never leave. It is a mouse trap aimed at triggering the unconsciousness of the human mind, since lots of R&D has bin spend into gambling, cushioning and even making pigeons a potential addict to gambling as part of experiments in the 70’s and such. No it’s not a joke. Games are designed to make you hooked, addicted and pull you in.

Above video is a interesting experiment back in the 70’s on where they where able to “reward” pigeons on a simular basis as a gambling addiction. The likes you can get on posting content on Facebook, Instagram, or the “gambling” now in games such as micro-transactions, or pay to unlock features or skins, is a simular approach that we know today. Ever wonder on chasing those big wins? Well you have an answer to that now.

Craving for winning big is one of the key points in gambling online. The chase of a max potential win, getting paid big, is where lots of gamblers can even dream of. I sometimes wake up too, having this craving dream of winning the upmost biggest payout of my life. Archieving it is completely a different story. Perhaps a once in a lifetime life changing win. The question if streamers are real? The answer is no.