An interesting contact message

This is an interesting view on which someone send me by using my contact form. It is about stake, and the most top end streamers that suddenly moved to canada. You’ll also get a rough estimation on what these streamers “earn” on a monthly basis. Note that the earnings are apart from any of the affiliate revenue. This would usually compensate for the “fake deposit” losses they would claim they would have.

“hey Jeroen,

Like the content on your site, this might interest you;

Since i believe that streamers often trick real players in making them believe it is all possible (but never actually is), and as a gambler i would like to inform you about the following (which you probably allready know but could be good for some content).

– Trainwreckstv, gets at least a million per month, probably more.
– Exposed gets 12500 usd per 10 minutes while streaming
– AdinRoss, more then a million per month
– Syztmz, used to get 15k per week, now gets 1250 usd per hour of streaming (that adds up to over 2 million per year, easily).
– Chimp, gets somewhere from 15 – 40k per month
– Yassou, gets a lot for sure

All these streamers moved to Canade (interesting) for their contract with, chimp, yassou & adin (not sure about adinross) had a gaming channel and now only stream gambling.

All this makes ‘the youth’ also gamble. That is just wrong.

Next to that, how can any gambler associate with these gamblers when they get paid these huge amounts? Often only when all money is gone from a gambler (or they are in debt) they realise it is just a scam.

That is sad and should be stopped. Twitch/Youtube should stop giving airtime for this.”

Very interesting thread! You have to go back in time a bit, and understand that this is a repeating circus provided by marketing departments of casino’s. The youth today is obviously targetted and presented that losing is the new winning. There is no misconception about this. All these high end streamers are paid based on their audience and how much airtime they raise up for promoting of the casino’s. Since these streamers do get paid, there is simply no loss in their actions. I’m 99.9% confident that small letters in contracts state that a part of that money paid by the casino has to flow back in the form of deposits.

It would make it look more genuine but what is really the difference if i get paid by a casino to promote these, do awefull large bets of $1000 up to $1250 per spin (!) and have zero risk basicly on them. They make it look indeed like they are winners, and are targetting the larger wales in Casino land obviously. They just dont realise untill they lost 30, 40 or even 100k that their odds vs “fake streamers” is far lower. Dont be mistaken, they did lower their RTP’s for regular players.

And in a way it’s true. The generation of now at some point would move on from gambling, wether it will be the good or hard way, and that source of returning revenue on a large scale has to “return”. This is where this aggresive marketing from large casino’s come from. The income paid to a streamer for avg 1 million dollar a month is nothing compared to what they make. We’ve seen casino’s bring in 20 million on avg on monthly basis. That 1 million is a succesfull investment, no matter how you look at it.

So, if you have questions if any of these streamers are legitimate, think twice. Their only legitimacy is their roleplay on screen and thats it. Content thats being made, posted and subjected to platforms such as youtube, twitch are nothing more then a platform to sucker in new and young potential gamblers or even better “addicts”. We’ve seen the revenue model of streamers and those people are often broke or addicted to gambling. If your subscribed to a casino by your streamers affiliate link, time to delete.

Most streamers who came from generic gaming like CSGO, Pubg, Battlefield and you name it, suddenly made a change to gambling. The revenue for them is perhaps 10x better then gaming and they coud’nt give a rats ass betraying their audience that they once build up. It’s a cash grab fest and they make winning look so easy. Even roshtein is a Fake streamer while clicking the demo button and getting caught. One is just more greedy then the other.

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