Ayezee coming out and blaming Roshtein

Do you guys remember the allegation video of Fake Streamer Ayezee? Well here below it is, published a few years ago, debunking Ayezee and his fake gambling. Years in time now, ayezee decided to come out with a statement video about the allegations and the conclusion is, it’s roshtein! Lol!

Ok so lets dive a little bit more in the matter of the definition of a fake streamer. Someone who’s hired by the casino to promote the casino and have virtually No financial risk doing it. In above video you can see prior before any ayezee’s stream starts, the exact amount of money, was send into his wallet from the casino before he did make a deposit. He would be transparant and call it “raw cash” while most streamers, simply do not disclose the deal they where having.

Ayezee in his new above video, claims to have found evidence that the posse of Roshtein is behind above video, and does not really get why the hate he’s getting. We see some fatal flaws in above video, for example, the original content being deleted by the channel owner, while even i know the copyright claim was submitted by nobody else then Ziad Koussa. It was Bad publicity but i managed to preserve a copy of the original video anyways. In my time of figuring out who these folks where and what they actually do for a living i already discovered years ago.

For example, Being under the payroll of interactive gaming group in Malta which was a company that would setup streamers and actively search for casino deals to put streamers up for it. In short words; streamers with some audience can promote gambling and have again, zero financial risk while doing it. Casino’s constantly need fresh blood in this regard. And they will hire youngsters to show their audience how cool gambling is (lol).

The problem is, and folks like Ayezee, Roshtein never seem to adres is this. Yes we do get paid by the casino to promote the casino. Yes the balance we get to play with is money from the casino. Yes there’s wagering requirement before we can cashout. Yes we do not have financial zero risk. I mean, we’ve seen it the refills while streaming with hundreds of k’s on a consistent basis. Both rosh and ayezee do it. It’s just that Ayezee is a bit better at “hiding” the obvious. If ayezee would really really really be transparant, show us your deal. But as long as he’s contracted, he won’t.

But the thing is: they won’t as they would both classify themself as a fake streamer. We don’t see both of them put their own hard earned money into the casino. The money they make is through different channels with the most important one, The affiliates. It’s all setup to provide enticement, to get you, the avg john doe and such, to gamble on the casino. Casino’s have millions of dollars in regards of marketing budget. The Return of Investment for these casino’s is huge. Now adress the above, ayezee!

Lets not forget above classic gem – roshtein clicking DEMO MODE lol. And lets not forget how Ayezee started with 5$ spins, would be utterly pissed when he would have lost that deposit amount, goes away for 3 months, and suddenly on his return to do sustained 1000$ bets and what more. For those who seem to protect him, you are at the end of the day just filling the pockets of the casino and him. In my opinion, viewbotting at this point is irrelevant. It’s just to thrive up the stats of the channel and / or content, to get better deals.

But both streamers do giveaways? Yes. Obvious. But remember that money comes pretty much from the casino, provided by the affiliates who are playing on their code. Long term slotting you will lose. It’s a fact. On Fakestreamers.com you’ll find more information about those “high end streamers” who are doing the very same. They are just bashing each others heads on the internet over who gets the more, better affiliates.

If streamers like Roshtein, Ayezee and such would disclose their deal, the party is over. The ghost is out of the bottle, and as most would be declared fake streamers paid by the casino. How many times we’ve seen folks with no gambling background suddenly ramp up hundreds of dollars on slots? They are after the youngsters, who where not around 5 to 8 years ago. Who do not know the history of where casino affiliation came from. Who would not know, that not even bill gates is capable of doing so long sustained bets unless your paid by the casino with play money.

Now if you want to gamble, but prefer not on their code, perhaps Check Top Casino’s. It’s a few where i play on and which i think are good for me with zero issues. We have seen streamers promote the most garbage brands in the industry who would sack their players upon cashout or withdrawal, provide zero support or simply ban the annoying users. I think Ayezee corked up something with above statement that will likely have a domino effect within the streaming casino industry really soon.