Ayezee is a confirmed fake streamer

New update! – Update 04/02/2022: Ziad Koussa has files for copyright claims and the video has bin removed, lol. However the evidence that the Casino initially depositted X amounth of ETH before Ziad makes his deposit back to the casino is confirmed.

Ah yes, Ayezee Aka Ziad is once and for all, confirmed to be a promoted and misleading gambling casino streamer, by the works of some clever people, who digged deep into his BTC or ETH acccounts. See below video for a start. What it comes down to is how Ayezee claimed always has bin so “transparant” and “real deposits” and yet a huge fanbase protecting him saying he’s legit. Well truth be told (and finally) he aint lol. To put it down simple: there’s obvious evidence that Rollbit, the casino he promotes, sends quite sums of ETH to his own binance account, on which he uses to make deposits to the casino.

We told people so many times, that a streamer like his figure, cant be up or spinning at that frequency as he does, and that has to be something in between the lines such as disclosed contracts with the casino and such. There is no streamer in the world gambling with their own money, and being ahead after so many years of streaming. The frigging point being is, it’s enticement, and the players who use his or their code to register, signup and play, are confronted with quite lower RTP’s then streamers like Ayezee has. He’s afterall a bloke from libanon with zero to none morality and they dont give a rats ass wether that’ll be xposed, roshtein, prodigy, chipmonks and who the f more lose their earned money.

So please, share this message, video or link and make others aware on how fraudulent such streamers truely are. They are a cancer on platforms like Twitch or Youtube with it’s only intention to get as maximum exposure as possible with the intention to lure in new players who do not know the true risks of gambling! You cant just come from doing 5$ bets to suddenly thousands of dollars in minutes without being funded. And many said this before. We finally have it on record and we’re thankfull for exposing these clowns.

In terms of business btw, this is nothing new really. Any streamer with some audience, can signup to most populair casino’s, and be affiliated or sponsored by the casino. The loss a streamer has with such deals, is pretty much zero to none and the risk they can take wont cost them! It’s why you see all these streamers “raising the bar” on fake streaming and producing fake wins basicly. Most unaware and new people would be enticed to start gambling looking how easy a streamer like Ayezee seems to win, but the truth is and we showed this before, these populair casino’s like stake, rollbit, roobet, gamdom often have a quit lower RTP which nearly makes it impossible to get ahead.

So dont be a douchebag like Ayezee, sign yourself off from these casino’s, close your account(s) you do have and live a better life you’ve done your part to contributing to a better and more healthy gambling enviroment for not just you but others and new players as well. Anyone claiming “Ayezee has helped me from my addiction” is sorry to say, plain stupid. If you want to really quit gambling, the last thing that you should seek for is enticement of gambling. So when you look at streams to “ease” your need for fix, your doing it wrong to be honest. Quitting gambling is perhaps the most hardests thing todo for alot of folks. We dutch dont sugarcoat it.

You see it’s in the best interest of both the casino and streamer, to keep certain details “private”. It’s why you never see one of ‘m ever come out with Hey i got contracted by that casino and these are the deals!” It’s because once people realise the streaming you are seeing is simply fake: you woud’nt be bothered at some point anymore. Well this is the deal with Ayezee and others. They all claim it’s real “raw cash” while we see obvious ETH funds being transffered from one hot wallet from Rollbit to Ayezee’s personal Binance account, before sending it towards his own casino account. How great of a play is that, when the Casino obviously sponsors Ayezee and others to present a false presentation?

Trolls re-unite

Trolls re-unite! – Btw; lets just all mass troll Ayezee and these other public streamers who obviously fake it and distrurb the rest of the landscape for legitimate streamers. Simply hit report on every video you see; give a clear reason to it and enforce it with the above link. All video’s are covered for freebies by “entering” a code upon signup to these casino’s so i suggest that should be enough ground to give a good report to these and others fake video’s. He’s too dumb to understand anyway that free give aways with up to 100k is just misleading. You have to if not distibuted over the casino, wager the subjected price anyway which is exactly against the TOS of youtube.