Block Confirmation that Ayezee is a fake casino streamer

Most of us already knew, but this is another confirmation that Ayezee Casino Streamer is a absolute fake and is on the payroll of Rollbit. The evidence is within the confirmations. We’ll show you these. Ayezee’s block can be easily found if you watch any of his video’s. Claims are made that deposits where raw cash as if it was of his own and had no moral issues with gambling 100.000$ of bonus buys or $1250 a spin. See the Previous thread on jeroensgambling. Below is evidence of a few transactions appearing on the Ethereum network. This confirms that Ayezee does’nt own any of the money, it’s just used to circumventing any of the existing legislations in regards of streaming promotion.

So the above, pretty much tells us that Ayezee is a confirmed fake streamer. The funds are send prior to Ayezee’s wallet, on which he makes a deposit, and the money is send right back at Rollbit again. The content he’s creating on his channel, is simply fake as he’s upholding no financial risk to online gambling. Did you really think $1250 spins where sustainable? Check out Todays Casino Slot Streamers are a Joke. Note that above blockchain belongs to gainzy222 as he is having a simular deal like Ayezee.

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