Can a gambler really afford 100k bonus buys?

Geezus. Youtube these days is spammed, so are other platforms such as kick, discord, twitch, snapchat and every other social medium you can think of to get the audience and exposure up as much as possible. You’ll see the most tempting graphics, claims, statements or action of streamers doing “casual” 100k bonus buys. Is it any real? In my time as a online gambler i met quite some interesting people – the big rollers who sometimes play for days straight with no financial support from casino’s – just to build up content for their youtube channel. It’s mostly a game of recycling money going back and forth in or through slots. Playing for that one dream hit to show off on platforms as stated above.

Chipmonkz Slots

No folks. People who do casual buys of over 100k, meaning a 1000$ betsize, is likely not real. It’s due to the sponsorship they have, and thats going on, they can kind of afford it. But i barely see folks really putting 100k of their own money as a casual thing todo. Your likely better off investing it in some property, some good or usefull projects, but not gambling. It’s the most stupid thing you can do. The game of gambling really is getting ahead and trying to stay ahead, by applying a diverse strategy on both slots and live games, is my opinion on this one. A simple “Double or nothing” approach works for most. Or spread your deposits over various casino’s such as on my Top Casino List.

Chasing your losses is a bad idea. You might have put thousands into a casino and your stressed to win it back. If this is the way you gamble then you need to consider that the money you put in should be considered as lost already. And that you are able to afford, and not like some degens absolutely trash their last rent money into casino’s as a final attempt to win everything back. That behaviour is absolutely dangerous and i do not recommend you doing that. There are streamers who actually advertise and really seek the borders of how far they can go. A perfect example is in here:

Spending your entire salary on gambling

Youtube should step up and start holding these uploaders accountable for the damage they are causing. As you can see most streamers are simply funded by casino’s – and make their real revenue not out of gambling but by affiliation. Are you really supporting your streamer or are you just another pawn on the greater board of chess?

Ayezee fake streamer

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