Casino Liability Explained

Casino’s with a license in their jurisdiction sometimes can impose games or bets, with a betting cap. A betting cap is for example the max bet you can make on a single game. You can often tell a casino is imposing a bet cap when you’ll find the same game over 2 different casino’s, and one virtually has a bet of over € 125 per spin and the other barely € 2,40. Why is this exactly? And why would you even impose a bet limitation in the first place? It’s important to understand that some casino’s dont want that liability all the way through the roof, like Buffalo King with a win of “up to 90000x”. Betting on such high stakes would mean the win could be maxed up to 900k which is a extreme cause for any casino.

We see many of the crap brands streamers promote, with bets that go through the roof of even 1250$ per spin. Realisticly do that only to entice the “big whales” who used to goto Vegas in the older days, right before covid struck. They are trying to make benefit of players who actually believe there’s such a chance at such stakes, as many times over and over again the complaints on such casino’s are’nt a joke. Players can deposit, play, have zero questions asked, but the moment they actually happen to win something the complete pack of stalling, lies and other nonsense comes out of the corner, all about financial liability. A customer not paid is overall profit for the casino, and they know that.

A good casino is financially capable of paying a player over 100k with no questions asked. That is if your account and everything is verified obviously. The problem with oversea’s casino’s that actively promote the use of VPN, basicly can deny you any of your winnings if you ever had a lucky shot on a high stake bet. Is this the risk you want to experience? Dont look at streamers who do this for commercial reasons. Streamers like Ayezee, Roshtein, Xposed and everything, they get paid to promote slots. And in that salary expenses like deposits onto casino’s are covered. What you see is… Fake generated content, nothing more nothing less. You’ll never see them withdrawl anyway, and lies after lie are being told.

A few years ago, i managed to withdrawl 65k from a online casino, which was processed in less then 24 hours. I thanked these folks alot for kind of “restoring” faith in online casino’s. This was a licenced party in the country i’m resident in, and obviously i do have the regulator at my side if anything is wrong. On the other hand you have no chance when such casino’s are oversea’s and esp. when you where using a VPN in the first place, breaching their terms and conditions. Dont be stupid. There are some cases where people took it to court, won, and got they money paid, but it was a long, expensive and stressfull proces. I cant say if you even would have any luck going to a court in Curacao for example.

Seriously, fuck stake, rollbit, gamdom and all these other trash casino’s with a dozen of fake paid streamers who promote the place which holds shitty conditions, overall lower RTP’s and vague terms and conditions. Ive seen people toss in 40k to such places, figure out their RTP or overall gameplay is’nt as streamers was, and realised they lost and fell for the scam that has bin going on. All these fake streamers suddenly post wins into the millions, and in a few months from now on the numbering would be even increased to more oblivion numbers. They are all paid actors, and need to seek a real job instead. Problem is youtube, twitch is still the #1 most valuable platform for them for affiliate signups.

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