Chipmonkz fake streamer anyone

Chipmonkz is a strange individual that pretty much belongs to the rest of the group which is named “fake streamers”. A fake streamer is having a deal, usually not disclosing this and either live streaming or publishing content on a regular basis on platforms like youtube and other channels. Some fake it even more by “buying” a set of likes or followers for their channel to boost their rankings in a unnatural basis. These guys rake up content, which is pretty much fake gambling, no matter how you spin it, and the revenue model is the affiliate signups. They get a percentage of the losses on those players.

When your a degenerate gambler like Chipmonkz gambling on the long run will cost you money. So how do you feed your gambling need just like all the others? You play it fulltime and present yourself as a way of making money. If you compare these slot players on youtube with their fake balances, narcist thumbnail and everything around it with the regular ones or even landbased slot players like NG Slots on Youtube you’ll notice that a few things are off. Its really no entertainment to watch these folks play on demo funds.

This is kind of the problem on youtube lately. Lets say you wanna see a slots max win potential, and within any search result your getting pretty much the fake streamers promoting stake with their ridiculous bet sizes of up to $1400 a spin. A regular, regulated casino usually wont offer games with bets more then 100$ for that matter. It all comes down to financial liability and none of these streamers are actually cashing out. Ayezee is the biggest con of this all, who makes a daily living of generating content with the intention to lure people in with “free giveaways” and what more.


No gambler in their right mind is even risking, $850.000 dollar to play in slots.

There was a thread once on Casinomeister about a dude who pretty much hit the nail on the spot, that streamers like above and roshtein, trainwreck, xposed are ruining it for the rest who seem to work with a smaller budget. It’s always good to stick with good, regulated casino’s who do not hold the upperhand when you actually seem to hit a big win, your being sacked, removed from the platform for no reason. Yes there’s numerous of folks who ditched in up to the 50k of deposits and got banned the second they attempted to cash out. Is this the future we want of gambling? Nah, ofcourse not.

I think it’s fair to say that such platforms should be wiped from these folks spamming the living out of this fake content, fake streams and everything around it to catch more and more attention. All for affiliate signups and leads. I vouch for players who go in with their own real money and take the gamble for what it’s worth, compared to above clowns who have zero financial loss or risk. Just watch one of the streams and you’ll be either bored to death or you get a wave of cringe coming over when some cunt is able to spin up to 1400$ a spin and yelling to be juiced up.

Degenerate fake gambler roshtein

Yep… Another 8 million dollar win… So convinced now!

No kids – gambling is’nt a way of making (easy) money. The house will always have an advantage. You might be lucky today, but the day after they are coming to collect it right back from you. It’s designed that way, to lure you in, trigger you and even tilt you. Chipmonkz is the type of streamer that wants people to toss their last savings into the slots. You’ll be bread for him in the morning. They are all pawns in the larger scheme of things. If you are looking for some good streamers i suggest the following list to watch.

Ive bin away for a while, interest shifted from one thing to another. But ill be planning to be a bit more frequent on and publishing some *real* content.