Daily gamba fake streamer

Daily Gamba – Down to earth slot streamer to a sell-out

Daily Gamba has bin around for some time, and known for daily uploads in both his own content and content of others on his code or from other streamers. Started with promotion of Duelbits followed with 500 casino, and now moving to stake. I remember myself having a few conversations in public about the move to stake, which is considered the main spill for Providing Fake Streamers their bread as long as they have followers, watching time and ofcourse people on their code.

It was known Daily gamba was a sponsored streamer, where his gambling sessions, content creation was all done with money off the casino. The difference is is was transparant about it; and gave somehow away a genuine reaction with winning or losing. Daily gamba is one of the few with the highest return for players on his code (You need to wager lots of that to turn to the top 5). My opinion of the move of Daily gamba to now stake means nothing more then all about the dollars.

I personally, would never set a foot on Stake. For those who are not around long enough, stake was considered the worst brand out there where random players where getting sacked, banned or denied their payouts. Stake is also the main supplier of various fake streamers, faking it up with hundreds of thousands of dollars given, and obviously share holder in platform Kick.com. One thing i do know – when a streamer makes a move to stake to end up in a sponsorship, it’s usually not good.

Daily gamba fake streamer

For me it’s time to unsubscribe from Daily Gamba, including his code. It was fun for the time while it lasted. The community around him turned toxic. Barely any proper moderation ongoing and it’s a game of heel licking for who wagers the most on every months leaderboard. Guys, you don’t have to be in a community and have to deal with losers of people – who accomplished virtually nothing in life, and their only intention to lure and loan around for tips or dollars. Keep the honor to yourself.

  • Is Daily Gamba a Fake Streamer? Technically yes, only because he’s transparant about it
  • Is Daily Gamba playing with fake money? Yes, given by the casino, to make or produce content
  • Does Switching to Stake mean anything? Yes, Daily Gamba picks the biggest money bag
  • Afterall – it’s a business and he never intentioned to gamble with his own money.

There’s better Casino’s out there and in particular ones with less of a immoral reputation. I would never set foot on Stake in the first place, in particular for being the most rogue and unfair casino a decade ago. It’s pretty much till this day that stake is a risky casino to play on in the first place.