Don’t get scammed in Discord Community’s

So, some of us have bin there, in active, gambling related discord community’s. It sounds fun to pull back and hang out with the bro’s, but with a lot of things comes a certain fair warning to those who are new. I’ve bin witness of a simple scam being pulled to another user, who was not really paying attention. He lost 50$ by giving it to someone while the deal was to be or get paid over paypal. The most excuses are being pulled to get money from some unaware users. With these tips it’s better to perhaps guard yourself by not falling for it. This is about the typical discord community scams.

When your streaming, which means your broadcasting your play through discord VC’s, you’ll get likely attention or maybe too much. People you don’t know coming in giving slot calls, disrupting you perhaps from your play or demanding you tip after you win. When you publish big win screenshots you’ll likely get tons of DM’s at some point, which all boils to the same. Hey bro, great win, can you juice me? – Don’t feel obligated – esp when your in a loss overal. You don’t have to tip. You don’t have to make friends or buy your friend through these community’s. A good community will respect.

You’ll also get messages with false promises about “Hey use my code and ill give you 50% rakeback” – the problem is if this dude your about to use his code for, the code is permanent, and no way to have it removed (not even by the casino). If he decides not to pay you out you screwed yourself in the proces. Discord can be a great asset but in esp. the public ones it’s infested with people who beg for money, give slot calls and expect a portion of profit. I’ve bin there – tipping up to 1200$ in roughly 2 months after 2 great session’s through my Top Casino’s but likely got 40$ back overal. Was the first and last time.

Esp after yesterday, left me with such a bad taste in my mouth, knowing i could have said, hey don’t fall for this trick. The idea was one would send crypto to a given adres, the other would pay using paypal. But we all know paypal can be abused. Once the crypto was send, the guy instantly deleted his account from discord. What a sad life you have to go out in community’s and scam people. Karma will absolutely come back around and i hope it leaves you a great portion of that. It’s a lesson for those hanging around in community’s, do not send crypto with cashapp, paypal or anything else. Let them pay for their own gambling.