Dont stick with just one casino

If you ask me what was a good choice, is playing on various casino’s online. Not just for the fact that we shoud’nt be betting all our eggs in one basket, but to keep diversity and be lucky enough to have a higher RTP then usual. I think i have 3 casino account’s in total which are verified and that i use while playing online. If one does’nt work out, switch over to the next one, and if that does’nt work out or i’m simply bored, ill just open up the third one as listed on Top Casino’s on my website. It offers a large selection of games, providers but also important selection of live stuff like crazytime i sometimes when i’m not skeptic like to play. It’s always good to keep a strategy spread over different casino’s. One paid out win could buckle up a larger budget for on the other casino and back and forth.

I’m not a fan of bonus (funds) either but sometimes i get emailed with a special promotion. Its usually to invite me to play over again and the content of the special package is in between € 100 and € 500. This depends tho on how much you truely spend on a casino and not everyone can get such deals obviously. I tend to (start) streaming my content soon but it will be most of the time raw cash and none-sponsored deals. I dislike streamers in general for sending out a false message about the repeated wins and obviously paid promotion they are doing. A streamer has zero to none financial loss because they are usually on the payroll of a streamer. Got a big win? Fantastic! Dont be shy to put a bit apart. Perhaps try your luck on the above listing of populair casino’s. Maybe it’s your lucky day today!

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