Evolution Gaming Legally Rigged

Ah yes, i’m not a fan of roulette at all, but something very remarkable landed right here. Evolution gaming is a large provider that brings roulette, blackjack and all sorts of live games to the party such as Crazy time and what more. It’s often debated wether these games are truely random or perhaps some advantage plays at role here. I’ve often said it, but people dont seem to understand that as long as it’s presented with a RTP it’s legal by law. Think of a automatic roulette machine. It does’nt require a croupier and it’s fully controlled by a computer with a pre-determined “Return to player”. I mean a supposed to be random game with a random number generator? Can someone enlighten me here or is it another extra house advantage on it’s own? Anyway. Below video is a ball landing in a quite impossible position and it sure draws attention. There are quite some more video’s about this but this is the best example i found.

On a true roulette wheel, a ball landing in between 2 numbers in and getting stuck is quite a impossible thing to happen. I never played these online roulette or live games in particular, but what i do know is that, lots of players complain about these “rigged” games online but my question to them is what upholds you to continue to play? If you know your getting scammed for placing big bets on lightning roulette or any other game, why would you continue? There is nothing you can do about it other then simply NOT playing as a way to vote with your wallet really. The more and more gamblers online realise this the faster these games will move from the platform. However if you think the big wins in this particular game are for free think twice. There have to be (quite) some losses in order to produce big wins. It’s that simple. Dont like it? Then avoid playing these live and obvious rigged games in the first place.

Edit: evidence number two. If people believe that such roulette by evolution gaming is any “honest” think twice. Dont spunk your money on these Rigged games. There is a registered patent as well on “controlled” roulette operation. Basicly the computer decides a random number after the bet has bin placed and suits accordingly towards the RTP/TRTP. Yes frankly such practices are legal, it is simular as a slot. As long as they archieve the game advertised RTP then it is legal. Simple as that.

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