Fake Streamer – Roshtein

There’s much debate on the internet about streamers who promote casino’s. Some of these are pretty unknown or some of ‘m run for quite some years. In this week “Fake streamers” we present you roshtein. Rosh is pretty much known for streaming out of the ordinairy wins and even made a fatal mistake back in 2019 while promoting a N1 Casino group. All with all these are streamers that you need to watch out for, dont believe the hype and realise all their play is pretty much faked, hyped up and makes zero to none sense at all. These are the scums of affiliates in casino land and have zero to none financial risk here. Ill explain you why and how they do it and more important to warn others about these stupid casino streamers with only intention to haul in new affilliates. Their job is to pretty much fake it till they make it, while making profit on the loss of others promoting vague oversea’s and usually offshore casino’s.

In above video, one from 2019, Roshtein was caught with something quite impossible. He was asked to click demo mode on which he did, and it turned out to have the same balance as when he was playing real games. Any gambler knows who pressed practice play yields a FUN, Demo balance or notice with usually a number like € 10000 to play without any risk. When rosh clicked practice, the game started, showed the exact same balance, and suddenly fell out of character. You can just read the body language of roshtein here that he screwed up his little secret. In a later stage N1casino answerred with some weird glitch that shoud’nt happen, but we quite frankly know better. Roshtein was deliberately playing with fake funds, got caught and really did’nt had the punishment for what he’ve done and misleaded quite some viewers with winning was completely normal. Demo games can have a tad better “RTP” as part of presentation of the game.

Then how does it truely work? He is making deposits and such? Well; it is obvious that various streamers got caught over the years, with even a “test account” to play and promote the casino’s on. It is no secret that the streamer who promotes casisno’s have zero to none financial liability. It is usually the affiliates who pay for this circus as it goes. Think of Ayezee, Xposed, Prodigy and such. All these streamers have a deal on which the casino pays them a salary. From this salary a portion of lets say 40 to 60% has to be depositted back. The streamer can withdrawl it’s winning if he wins. The thing is they are doing this to avoid legislation. Casino’s cant just give out free money as part of their license. So on paper with the hiring of any actor like roshtein it is perfectly legal. None of these ever have a true loss and their game or RTP seems to be juiced up which causes the various too good to be true, winnings.

Dont be mislead by the marketing of these streamers. Some hire a marketing agency, and freebies are given away if people would like or comment onto their youtube channel while putting their username. There’s also several stuff that happens on platforms such as Twitch, Twitter but also these disclosed (or open) discord groups. All is like a little secret circle and all is to hoal in new affiliates really. Affiliates are the ones who are paying for costs casino, streamer and such. And the presented RTP these streamers have do not reflect at all on the average joe deciding to gamble while watching these streams. So if you ever question if roshtein is real, do your homework, and you can see that the above video is a impossible situation on a normal casino. Based on that we just know he’s a con artist with only real skills of hiding it. In a earlier interview he obviously said that he was losing quite some money, untill he started to stream.

Just be aware, that if you have a following base, anyone can signup to stream casino games. The casino can usually set users up with a pre-funded account, on which nothing can be withdrawl. The higher end streamers can get paid up to millions a month for their time. It sounds insane for promoting of just gambling, but the revenue for a casino is usually 25 to 50 x more on monthly basis. What these clowns dont tell their viewers, is that their contract states 40 to 60% of the paid salary has to flow back into the casino in relation of deposits. This way the streamer can say (or actually pretend) that the money is truely his and he’s making the deposits for this right? Well, wrong. I think we all agree that if it was my own money vs given money the experience or play would be completely different. But thats for another posting on this website. If you have questions dont hassitate to shoot something in the comments below.