Fun fact about streamers

I seriously wonder about the viewing audience of gambling streamers sometimes. You have these higher end streamers with an audience that seem to rack up video after video every day with high wins big multipliers and what more. We all know streamers get paid a salary with a contract as part of promotion for the casino. If the streamer deposits 40 to 60% of that right back to play and promote the existing casino it’s still a win win situation for both party’s. Casino’s usually can get quite some new registrations on which estimated will spend some certain funds (or lose it) on long term. What you see these days now is just streamers gambling with no other reason then “producing content”. Even if it’s within the 1000$ bet a spin.

Majority of the audience still believes that anything you see is real and the streamer must be rich by now with gambling. Fun fact the only thing they get decent paid off is the salary plus an extra based on comission on affiliate signups. Its all a scam really to entice new unaware players sucking them into the world of gambling. Be warned, you will be experiencing overall lower RTP or utterly shit sessions compared to those streamers. I just wonder why some folks keep doing the same over and over again.

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