Gambling is a game of chance

Yes, gambling is afterall, a game of chance where simply luck hits you or not. It’s no longer the random thing they used to speak about in the past, but simply a chance of luck. Being somewhere at the right moment, hitting the bet button and having the ultimate outcome. All of your play is pretty much determined the moment you place your bet, unless it’s for a live game or whatsoever. I’ve bin active in affiliating for some time now and ive wondered about something in particular. What if someone was presented a free 50$ or € 50 bonus and beat the house? And being able to hit withdrawl?

That is what this is in brief all about. I watch statistics of affiliates who signup using my Top Casino’s casino recommendation alot and i do notice that, there’s really no scam going behind the scenes, no casino panic button or no “We suck you in and spit you out” kind of system in the back going on. But one particular player who did a small deposit and was able to get ahead and withdrawl a nice cashout. I’m convinced that casino’s dont have to cheat or stake their license in exchange for a few more bucks while the house edge is already on their side (And just a long term money maker).

There are crap casino’s out there yes, who work like insurance agents and seek for ways to slap it’s playerbase with to not to pay out their players. It’s one of the worst things that can happen is when players signup to casino’s, make deposits, play, go through the hoops of that sometimes gambling in regards of stress can bring, and be ultimately dropped, banned and their winnings confiscated for no good reason (unless the player ignored the TOS that upholds any casino). I invite you to take offer of the following top deal of which is crypto based casino (and legal one).

The deal is you register, and obtain free 50$ or € 50 for that matter and test your luck against a wide variety of slots with a small wagering requirement. See if you can get ahead, and if you are lucky enough, hit the withdrawl button. Let me know in the comments how your experience is or was with above casino. No this is not a promotional deal, but more of a test in how well beginners or new player registration “luck” yields us here. There’s plenty of game selection in regards of slots, live games, roulette, blackjack, it’s all in there for you to try and hopefully enjoy.

But what about the fake streamers promoting these unregulated casino’s online? Well at least you know the deal is real here, and there’s no such thing as promotion coming from my side showing a misleading or fake play in regards of slotting or gambling in the first place, with unrealistic 100k buys. Those clowns should be ignored completely as twitch is banning casino streaming starting from 18 november 2022 and shutting most of the fake streamers down. It’s not the end yet, they proberly ramp up youtube which is way more strict then Twitch was. So there’s still work to be done to get ‘m erased.

The deal can be obtained using this link.