Gambling Spam by Streamers

As a continuous attempt to haul in new and even more affiliates, often give aways and other freebies are introduced on various platforms. These “Retweet and / or Follow” instructions are a quick way to gain promotion for a product and infest social media platforms with such gambling related advertisements. If you might be the lucky one out of proberly thousands of other contenders the changes are big that the “free 500$” giveaway is’nt free at all. Nope. Often it needs to be played according the Terms and conditions in relation of bonus funds. You can see the streamer here promoting a product that the majority of his followers, is’nt even from his country. But a way to gain quick ground.

I see quite alot happening on social media platforms, luckily i do have a adblocker so the voilence in regards of gambling advertisements is’nt so intense. But i do see a ongoing trend in where more and more streamers are getting desperate hauling in their users to their platform, by for example submitting big win screens onto their forums or do other sketchy stuff with it. Often people dont realise their personal data such as email adresses is often being used or re-sold in terms of marketing. Most people dont realise the effects and / or danger of these practices, hence why the amount of spam in relation of casino’s is growing significant. Retweet after retweet – only desperate folks buy it.

Often the most saddest comments can be found under such postings or even big winnings. People who are in the need of quick and urgent money, and have litterally no shame in begging for this in public. People who gambled themself in utter shit and are looking for any possible way to get their fix of gambling. This is the streaming scene pretty much in a nutshell, and the problem is only getting worse on long term basis. If you stumbled upon my article you proberly have an answer to why these “Win free 500$” posts are appearing more and more. It’s to give a fast and cheap way of marketing with often raffles not even being paid out to people. Jep ladies and gentlemen. I suspect a big boom in the future for most streamers.