Gambling Streamers falling apart

Are we finally getting a glimpse of the illusion of gambling, even with the higher end streamers, falling down? User thePNUK on Twitter notified me about the change of mind of Prodigy DDK and how trainwreck complained about the depressed situation of gambling these days.

Crying as a gambling streamer

I always wondered what the joy of a mispresentation of gambling would be, even if you where handed over the funds to play for free; up in the millions of dollars on weekly basis. It is and always has bin at the expense of affiliate signups, people who believe they stand a chance with significant lower RTP’s.

Stevewilldoit in bed with Ayezee

Even stevewilldoit is in bed lately with Ayezee. If the con artist of the universe coud’nt decide a better timing. Lets not forget where steve came from, how he got exposed by the video of Coffeezilla on Youtube. These narcists are all ego-centered about the attention to only themself imposting a fake lifestyle.

And trainwreck looks like he’s hooked for years on some sort of substance only you’ll find on the Streets of Philadelphia. Is this what gambling is all about? Surely not! I like seeing the signs of the industry and pawns, slowly falling apart. It is not sustainable and stake just buys their interest where-ever it can even by hiring Drake.

Trainwreck drug problem

All bets are off, that within a timespan of approx 1 to 2 years, most of the higher end streamers are gone, outcries, depressed, and proberly still gambling due to the psychological damage gambling has done to them over the years of time with countless hours of streaming. It’s why i train myself mentally dealing with cravings of gambling. The human mind is the most powerfull asset we humans have.

Disclaimer: please dont engage with the free giveaways these streamers provide. It is a waste of time and proberly considered the most valuable we have in life.

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