Gamdom casino bans winning users

This is a fair warning to those ever considering playing on a crypto casino like gamdom. I myself had a experience with them which left me with a bad taste. But the following story will shiver you and absolute discusting of terms of how Gamdom deals with fair square winning players. A player hit the jackpot with a Lil devil win of over 149k. As he attempted to withdrawl it was refused a couple times.

Jackpot unpaid by Gamdom

After that, we can only guess what happend, getting banned for the casino for no obvious reason, other then winning too big. Now this is the problem with bad places like Gamdom, stake, roobet, rollbit or whatever the f their names are. There is absolutely no insurance that you are able to get your winnings. With a licenced casino you’d have the legislation behind you for a case like this. Let this be a warning to not play on these offshore, gamban advertising casino sites.

Banned on Gamdom

The original thread can be found Here. Be warned! Warned! Warned! Frankly there is not alot you can do about it. If you are from the UK, and you decide to play on a crypto casino like gamdom, your already against the terms and conditions of the casino. But the casino gamdom does’nt build in a proper notice that UK players cant play. On top of that they accept any type of depsosit during the time, but the moment players win and hit the withdrawl button, they are getting screwed, bigtime.

If you would even take it to court, other then paying a huge sum in order to have your case filled with proper translation, lawyers and all that, they just slap around your face breaking their terms and conditions pretty much and your absolutely screwed. It’s story like these that give quite alot of casino’s a very bad reputation. I strongly advise you to stay away from casino’s like Gamdom, Roobet, Rollbit, stake and all that. They are pretty much the same with often lower RTP’s as normal casino’s and uphold zero responsibility in regards of player protection, winnings paid out, they just do whatever they feel like.