Harmfull and deceptive youtube content

Some years ago, Youtube was all about a few dozen of real streamers that would put up some good quality content. These days when i seek or search for certain streamers, i always get recommended stuff shoved onto my “play next” button. It just makes me sad how some people put up with extremely harmfull, deceptive content such as “Ive put my full paycheck on the line and i won!” nonsense as to target problem gamblers in a extremely toxic and agressive way.

Youtube user misleading its viewers by putting in harmfull and deceptive content

We all know that gambling online is a game of chance and luck, and not a proven method to absolutely or be guaranteed to win or keep winning money on the long run. Users or viewers should be extremely aware, that such deceptive content is to gather as much as clicks or views possible, and to entice you into signing up their gambling links too with often shady places that uphold no player protection or payout afterall.

Is this the youtube we want to be honest? I suggest users or viewers start using the report button, at least for the sole reason for putting up garbage titles, content and / or misleading stuff. The dislike button is only a signal to content creators these days and i believe the report button is the only proper way to go to have youtube cleared in the future with these garbage and deceptive content. How todo that?

Report inapproperiate video youtube

At first click the 3 dots next to a video you think is unacceptable. Hit the flag or simply Report button. The next step is select the right category in why this video should be reported. In this case we want to highlight spam. You can also dig a bit deeper and head into the video itself with a specific timemark (like for example a streamer is asking you to signup or do other wack stuff). Sooner or later this will add up.

Report video for spam on youtube

We know by now from experience that reporting video’s for spam or harmfull content works. Streamer ayezee recently was outcrying on Youtube for being banned 10 days for having another strike onto his account. We know that reporting works, and we know Ayezee faces lots of trolls and since he got discovered being a fake streamer. The only audience he wants is affiliates to signup and lose their money.

Trolls re-unite

Personally, if you stream, with the intention to promote casino’s while being funded BY the casino, you really have no ground in the streaming business at all since your action is’nt legit at all. We can debate for hours by it, but when i want to see some action of real slots being played, i’d prefer from someone or some streamer where the action is simply LEGITIMATE. What good is it to view slots where no sweat or own funds is being used at? Exactly. Time to find a real job perhaps 🙂