How Stake Casino is avoiding all regulations

It’s time authorities or regulations do step in… This is quite sad shit in regards on how Stake is avoiding it’s own TOS (Terms of service) and with the help of both account manager and streamers, be able to create “verified” accounts without any user interaction nor actual validation to have people still play from banned countries. I was invited to play at Stake through a casino streamer – i said due to the name & history stake has i would always avoid even setting foot on their website.

For those who do not know, Stake casino a decade ago was considered the worst out there for random banning players, denying them their winnings and upholding vague or bullshit terms as an excuse not to pay. Since it’s so long ago, many of these stories or reviews where burried and stake worked hard to polish it’s brand and reputation. However it came to my attention that even coming from a banned country, i am able to play on stake through a streamer who on their behalf sets up a (verified) account.

This obviously with the help of a stake employee (account manager) to have players accepted coming from banned countries, and where a VPN is openly discussed (to use) in order to avoid any issues with legislation. I understand that legislation is only so far when it presents a page “We don’t accept players from country Y” but still be able to create a account or deposit. What is going on here? Stake is openly and with the use of streamers avoiding it’s own TOS and likely licensing conditions.

If you want to test yourself, join any random streamer who’s on Kick and promoting stake. State that you come from a banned country and the chances are within that community that someone is able to help or set you up is significant. They will arrange you a pre-set account in where the whole KYC is ignored and your free to play coming from a banned country. Not a dog in the world would bark about something like this. It’s all about money and both streamer and stake are in this.

I know – serious allegations right… A casino breaking it’s own terms and conditions, and risking issues with the license holder in curacao. Little most know the license in curacao on paper really means nothing compared to a A+ country like Germany or Holland. But i still ask you to try for yourself, and see if you can get through coming from a banned country, with a verified or pre-set account by one of the account managers through such streamers. You be suprised how dirty this business is.