If you like your streamer, think twice

Honestly, is watching a streamer gamble truely an entertaining thing? Or are we just a bit delusional hoping to get a win or hit like the streamers are producing on daily basis? From what i’ve learned some time ago is that the majority of people who follow gamble streamers is out for their own fix, freebies or other form of killing time. Lets be honest it does’nt bring that much to the table other then a small diversity for those who gamble, who are curious about gambling or just want to see their favourite game blast on high bets. Most streamers ask their audience to often like, leave a comment or evn reward with freebies like “Leave your twitch/youtube username” and what more.

Truth is they know and push for their users to keep upvoting their channel or content in order to rank higher and thus reach a more larger audience. This will bring a new wave of “Fresh” affiliates and thats what this is all is about. The free give aways are’nt often free. They are usually fabricated with the help of the casino and in where users have to register in order to claim these. Often a 39 to 59x wagering requirement is mandatory, which means you have to roundplay it to even think of hitting the withdrawl. And thats where the gambling starts to slip in. It’s a well proven tactic of aggresive casino’s that work with large streamers to uphold their marketing. It’s all about new users.

Casino’s usually make their money when people bet. A (small) percentage is cut from the bet and is divided to provider and casino. The outcome in this case is legal, they cant run slots or games while being able to cheat or manipulate the outcome of this. So whats best way to increase revenue or profits for casino’s? Get more aboard with “free giveaways” provided by large streamers all over the globe. Frankly when you do enter your personal details such as email, mobile number and what more chances are great with rogue casino’s your details could be resold to the highest (casino) bidder. And you’ll get promotions out of nowhere suddenly. Be aware when you do join a free give away the next time. Nothing comes free in the world of casino’s.

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