I’m planning to visit las vegas

Ive bin following some channels in regards of bringing las vegas a visit. The most important reason obviously is to enter and experience the larger casino’s. Any gambling lover should consider going to Las vegas at least once in their lifetime as it is the desert of adults. Anything goes. For a few channel recommendations i suggest VegasMatt (slots), JacobslifeinVegas (general) or any of the random youtube channels or content creators out there.

Las Vegas was officially found back in 1905. That is more then 100 years ago. It was only in 1931 and above that the first very few casino’s where opened up including showgirls, theatre’s and anything a sinner could think of. Over time this slowly expanded in regards of more casino’s on for example. Vegas also had a nuclear bomb detoned back in 1951 as part of being a test zone. It is crazy how the strip as we know today came from. My plan is to simply enjoy, watch and see the world, and avoid the usual tourist traps that obviously play a huge role in Las vegas.

Casino’s did’nt had the slots we have today. It where mechanical arm bandits that would take coins and had zero electronics inside of them. Apart from slots blackjack, roulette and all the other traditional things where widely available. I do believe that times (obvious) changes and the landscape of Vegas today is completely different. At some moment it’s even dangerous to enter certain neighbourhoods outside of the strip. Going to las vegas is with a certain caution. I do however have a few recommendations such as the Encore in Vegas (Hotel / Casino) with fantastic entertainment.

Steve Wynn’s is perhaps one of the most influential individual out there who changed Vegas as we see today. A bright and entrepreneur from heart who build an empire based on entertainment and for adults to have a good time (not just gambling). It is interesting to see how things go and work at the other side of the world. If your in for a threat the Encore seems to be the place to be. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a video vlog like some do; i’d prefer keeping it short & simple, but i’m tempted to post or publish in regards of video’s about it on my Youtube Channel.