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Yes, that gambling can be cruwl, brutal or live devastating, we know. The trick here is disipline, staying put and know when to quit, rather then continuing on like there is no tomorrow.

Hi thanks for the article I just wish I had seen it sooner; These fake casinos allow you to deposit through a UK Binance account too; and then ban your account if you get up. I’m £257,000 down in 2 days. And I’m a banned (Gamstop) player.. I am on the edge of suicide after countless arguments with Stake and Gamdom. But have decided if I’m taking myself out; I’m going after one of these top level streamers too. Is there anything that can do be done in a situation like mine? I’m a banned player, use VPNs deposit through UK Binance accounts and the sites say they clearly track transactions- These websites take the fun from gambling as there is no blocks on anything to stop you from spending your entire fortune. I’ve written to these big streamers personally and told them my situation; they all reply “why do you gamble so big”

Maybe cause of my mental health disorder?! I really need help either arguing with casinos; or finding out where these streamers film and holding them accountable. Rosh, Ayezee, Spin Life, Von Dice all of these people promoting these scammy casinos need taken off the earth. I’ve wrote to twitch who ignored everything I said too.

First of all, sorry for your loss, but you have to understand that at some point only you are responsible for your own actions. Even if you manage to spunk 250k+ in roughly 2 days. Ive written it before on my website, why Gamdom was a worthless casino and why you should not play using a VPN as it provides the casino in the first a reason to not pay you out. Most VPN’s already disclose that the used hostname of the VPN is simply a “VPN” or “Anonimizer” in that regards. It’s so easy to detect and i dont understand either, why your on Gamstop (which is a service to prevent gambling) and your still out there searching for the obvious.

No my friend. Take responsibility for your actions. And seek help. Any account(s) that you have you grant to someone else. You stop watching the obvious such as streamers and perhaps consider “going away” for a while to perhaps a program that can help setting you straight again. Going personal to these streamers is’nt going to solve the real problem. The real problem is both Casino’s and the use of such platforms for mass advertising gambling with streamers that have zero financial loss or risk since 99.9% are “funded” by the casino. I mean Ayezee is a complete douchebag, i fully agree. Claiming being transparant while on the payroll of the casino is the joke of the year.

At the end of their day their stream is nothing more then enticement for or of gambling, and how both stake and roobet present a lower rtp for their normal players vs streamers. Does’nt none of you see the obvious in the marketing tactics being applied and where streamers are getting paid one million is a joke to what they haul in over a month of time? I stopped watching streamers, completely, well just 2 of m, Rocknrollah and The Bandit. These guys are a thumb up if you want to watch some “real” action and not this faked 200$ up to 1250$ a spin bullshit play. My advise to you: take care of yourself and take responsibility.

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