Interesting Teardown on a Roulette Wheel

Youtuber bigclivedotcom is a dude who occasionally tears electrical or mechnical stuff down, and often takes stuff from it’s vieweres to perform a teardown. In this episode a old arcade hall based roulette wheel was taken apart. It has quite some tech in it in relation of detection of the ball, position and using pulses to determine the winning number. This might debunk that today’s tech is so sophisticated in relation of tampering with more and more users noting that evolution games in particular show very odd behaviour. It is no secret that live roulette wheels perform like slots these days, and players feel that their odds are far lower compared to a traditional roulette wheel. Nobody can tell really.

Anyway; the teardown is quite simple. You have a wheel. A stepper motor and some small electronics which uses pulsing to determine the balls location. As a safety measure or tamper measure the ball has to be counted 2 times after a spin in the exact same position for the game to pay out. I know it’s bit far off compared to today’s roulette, but at least we’re having something in relation of how roulette wheels actually where or are designed and how to evolved to todays standards. A simple stepping motor, lights or electronic pulses is pretty much enough for a wheel to determine the location of the ball. Hence why the obvious rigged shit is appearing more and more on these games:

If you firmly believe that something is up with these live roulette or live games in particular, simply stop playing – there’s nothing you can do about it since they are legally allowed to rig it without doing any effort of hiding it. Yes it’s a bitter pill to swallow, hence why you wont see me play live games at all. Or perhaps in a regular casino maybe, where the actual chances are tested and validated.