My biggest win to date

I present you, my biggest and best so far win! Ive quite had a few ones such as a 26000x on Dead or Alive 2, but Fruit party was on my list of games to win on. The game does’nt need much explpanation other then obtaining a “cluster” of fruits followed with a set of multipliers. The larger the bigger the win. This game is naturally capped at maximum of 5000x your bet. I’ve did some bonus buys and when i was about to quit this game the following and most amazing shot of the day happend. It occurs in the third spin of a € 12 bet, aka € 1200 bonus buy. I’m not going to reveal other then to watch it for yourself. Have fun!

Click to replay this game session

This win led to a staggering € 70.000 cashout due to having another bonus round at € 10000 buy. The below video give a brief intro followed with the full withdrawl history (14x € 5000). Paired with the win on the other casino last week it was a fruity total of € 135000. Money to put in something like BTC, real estate and much more. With the win from DOA2 earlier this year i’m way ahead at this point. It got me thinking if setting up a blog was still the right thing todo, but who knows where this leads to. Let me know in the comments what you think and dont forget to like the video.

The last above video i hit the withdrawl at 50k, and left a remaining 10k on balance to do one more bonus buy. The thumbnail kind of ruins the suprise but you’ll get where the 70k now came from. As we speak i donated a portion to my family, bought some boys stuff for my own and having a different schedule at this point. My booking year of 2021 already closed with big time profit.

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