My Lightning Roulette Strategy

This is for those who are looking for ways to increase their lightning roulette strategy, either based on low volatile or even high volatile. First off, i’m not a fan of roulette. Many many years ago me and a friend hit up a local casino and we busted pretty much out within an hour with both € 2500 loss. I swore board games in it’s total off that day, but thinking later alcohol and the mindset of living like a rich was’nt really ideal. So i got started with lightning roulette. It’s just plain roulette but with “lightning multipliers” that can land randomly with multi’s up to 500x your betsize. You can find more about it on Top Casino’s on where to play roulette live and which casino’s host these live versions.

In my optics, i usually aim for the number 5 section covering everything around it, followed with the 0 (2 times my bet) and some random numbers on the board covering up to 25 numbers. The more is possible, it would somehow lower your loss per spin the more you play but depending on your bankroll you can bleed out quite rapid. What you need is a balance enough to cover at least 10 rounds. Second the betsize is important too; i would start off with a simple $ 1 per number, $ 3 for green and some hot numbers i think that should be good triple the amount $ 3. Now just sit back and relax, it might take a few spins before you actually got covered what you want in the first place.

You’ll notice that the lightning roulette multi is a fully random event – and it’s nearly impossible to even predict what the next numbers will be. If possible, remove chat, because that can be toxic at times. Lightning roulette is controlled in a way by a RNG or simply RTP. You cannot have wins – alot of people have to lose over time for it to display these huge 500x multi’s. It’s just the nature of gambling but it can be quite fun. My best hit so far was a couple of bucks landing with a 150x and getting extra from the surrounding numbers. A clean $ 1478 hit. I walked away instant after that. I think Lightning roulette does have potential. I see some streamers like Rocknrolla play huge numbers.

I do not recommend anyone playing bets of £ 22.000 per spin but geezus christ. Well deserved and a nice buildup or stack of chips onto potential hot numbers. Roulette is a game of luck – the ball has to land in your favor and with the right betsize these wins can be huge. In Top Casino’s you can find various casino’s i endorse and that offer or host Lightning roulette, normal roulette or other variants of it. Attempt to give it a go if your feeling lucky and remember it’s a game. Do not spend more then you can afford.

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