My opinion on Crypto Casino’s Changed

No, i’m not glorifying crypto casino’s – but there’s something i need to write off my chest here. I always was skeptical for the fact that crypto casino’s often operate offshore, and using a VPN is usually mandatory if you want to play any of the listed games. With a VPN your circumventing any of the Terms and Conditions casino’s might set and prohibit due to legal reasons, “action” in your country. The problem that could appear, and i’m not saying it does, but it’s there that if you win big, your going through the “KYC” procedure which relies on Know your customer stuff and submit your documents such as proof of adress and such. When it appears that you are coming from a unsupported country you likely can get sacked.

This is among one of the most serious risks that can appear on playing crypto casino’s. And you will not be the first one who actually got duped by the use or playing onto these crypto based casino’s. Now the second positive argument to use a crypto casino is the following. The RTP seems to be the highest among the industry. Ive seen 96.70% appear in both Top Casino’s as listed on my website, followed with the feature of turbo spin, auto spin and the option to bonus buy. I’m not looking in the absurd bets of up to 400$ per spin, that’s not in my interest (for now). But for the money i’m spending i’m getting quite more action then any of the regular, licensed casino’s i used to play at.

Withdrawal from Crypto casino

Mind you, “used to play at” – because at this point, i can confidently say to have closed both my accounts now in the country i’m resident in and focus on the crypto based sites. Also buying crypto vs depositing onto a crypto wallet is extremely fast. There’s nummerous sites that accept the most common payment gateways you can ever imagine. From iDeal to Mistercash, Credit Card and much more, instant deposit into your crypto wallet on the casino, and instant withdrawal as well. At the moment of writing i’m ahead due to a very safe and disciplined approach in gambling, and it seems to work for me. I do not recommend to chase wins, that’s usually a bad thing to do as many make those mistakes to completely degen.

From the few deposits ive done, i’m ahead in the thousands at this point. And i tend to keep it that way. Just ride along whatever is coming. If it does’nt hit, step back and try another day later. It is in my experience the best approach to succesfully gamble on Crypto based casino’s. And try to be diverse in game selection as well. Don’t attempt to spunk all your balance on just one game. Often switch in between live games such as Roulette, Blackjack and such for Balance juicers. I’ve managed to wager over $40.000 from roughly a 250$ winning through Duelbits by Dailygamba and placed myself in the top 3 leaderboard. Pretty much the month itself with all the rakeback is covering itself.

This means that i do not have to perform any deposit in order to continue gambling – and truth be told, i am getting far more “fun” for the money then in comparison to the 2 licenced casino’s i used to play at. They always came in waves. You deposit usually 8 out of 10 times which results in either a loss or just playing equal again. But it was time wasting, boring and got into a complete routine in regards. All the fun was taken out of it and truth be told the bonus return was absolute garbage. Play € 1000 and get € 20 in return with a frigging 35x wagering requirement. The rakeback can even be taken off if i wanted it.

We see more and more people believing in crypto based casino’s as they are not forced by regulators or thrive too high of costs at the expense of player RTP’s. Yes there’s a certainity to say that if i win 100k tomorrow at a licenced casino i have a regulator to back me in order to get paid. With a crypto it’s a bit different and might even be tricky. But dont cheat or cause patterns gambling behaviour such as abusing slots or roulette and you should be fine. Also in smaller quantities a withdrawal is the better approach. If you are getting issues it’s best to have a spokesmen – but i did’nt heard of these stories such far.