My way of dealing with cravings

Yes, most of us has all bin through this proces. When you gamble for some time you’ll get used to the flow of dopamine, the high’s and lows, the depression after a longer session. Cravings is an important factor for most people to head back to gamble, even if at some point they dont want to or cant. Many viewers or people on the internet write things like “Oh you saved me from gambling” or “Since i start to watch you i gamble alot less” – the answer to this is the simple fact that our brain will crave for that dopamine, adrenalin rush and other excitement that gambling brings. Even if it was to lose your money, it’s still dopamine in a way. Craving can be intense.

Even studies showed that, gambling in a way triggers the human body and brain in a way we coud’nt imagine. We would have to exercise a few sports to get the same type of effect. With gambling this is kind of narrowed down to just playing a high bet high staked game or getting thrills of doing Roulette. We also crave when we’re getting hungry. We crave thinking about our partner. Craving is a good but bad thing at the same time. Now, to overcome this craving, i have a few ways of dealing with this. Basicly this means that i’m attempting to overcome any of the craving caused by gambling. It not just saves me money on the long run, but it also gives a good effect on my mindset.

Since i work daily as a enterpreneur i dont always have the time to gamble. The working and the routine is a perfect way to get through this. Being distracted in this case, helps significant and i’m in a way still in control of my own habbits or “time to play” kind of thing. When i read how most people fail on not to gamble or gamble too much, in a way they lack discipline. Discipline is the key to be succesfull in the battle of cravings. The more you reject it the stronger you will be over longer course of time. I’ve done some sports in my life as well and discipline is a important role in this. You can find some amazing tips on Improve Self Discipline if you want to know more about tips on improving.

Afterall, casino’s are designed to Isolate you, surround you with lights, flickering, sounds, bells and whistles and knowing how much Research & Development is spend in the last 30 years on casino floors. Everything from entrance till exit is pretty much thought off, a place you want to be, and be in a different “Zone” when your gambling. Even your seat, position of the Spin button, all of it is designed carefully to increase the average Time spend on Device (TOD). The longer you play the more likely you will lose. The same applies with online play. The front view of any casino website is designed to lure you in. Promotional packages like bonus funds plays a large role as well. Practicing this self discipline will benefit you in various ways. Give it a try!

Does Watching Streamers Gamble Help Cravings or Prevent Gambling? I dont believe in half of a sollution to be honest. It is something simular as a alcoholic going back to a bar and start drinking water in the presense of (heavy) drinkers. Sooner or later it will catch you. For those who truely want to stop or overcome these cravings, i firmly believe that the cold turkey way is the best way. Yes you will feel depressed, suffer from anxiety, be stressed, but remember, it is only a temporary state. On average it will take one to two weeks for your mind to “come down” again and start doing things in a normal way again. Watching streamers gamble is not sollution to this problem, it is contra-productive actually.

My mind is utterly strong in trying to convince me to gamble? We’ve all bin there. We’ve won big, hit the withdrawl button, once we got the money we want to go back. Against all odds pretty much your own mind tries to justified the gambling for you. It sounds very crazy, but in these “heat” and “intense” moments its just best to take a break for a while. Do something else. Find distraction for your ongoing problem or cravings. When the storm is over, you can think of playing again, but it wont be that intense anymore as the first time on why you want to stop gambling for a while. Hitting the pause button is nothing to be ashamed or affraid of.

Streamers are a plague? With all respect due to the original, genuine streamers, most of the streamers who promote slots or casino brands are just pure garbage. Playing with zero financial loss, saying the same riddle upon every start of a session on how gambling can be bad or have a addictive nature, doing bets that you cant even imagine that it was possible. No. Streamers are quite not an good example of doing the right thing. As a matter of fact, it’s best you start installing an adblocker such as Adblock, Ublock to have “less” of the same advertisements going on everywhere just because you did a search on some game, casino or other type of thing.

Do Casino’s Cheat? If your talking about a licenced and established brands, the answer is likely a phat no. Casino’s dont have to cheat. They have a house advantage. Due to this advantage they will make overall profit on long term. Land based casino’s are a perfect example. Huge amount of slots since the slots do bring in the most revenue. With a RTP of lets say, 90% you can be assured that on every 1000 inserted in the machine only 900 will be paid out to players. However the RTP is always calculated over a large amount of spins, and not just your one, two or three sessions. Internet play usually yields a million of spins before the desired RTP can be archieved.

Slot Variance, What was it? Slot variance or volatility is a way to express how hard it is to win, but also how frequent. You can have a game with lots of small wins, and overall a lower jackpot, or a tough game that is difficult to win on unless you strike the bonus really good. The overall payout is quite larger but it does come at a cost. High variance games are usually to be avoided if your bankroll is really small. Bonus buys on avg need 3 to 6 in order to pay (in my experience at least an equal amount or more). With high variance play loss can occur, and not just a little. It took me overal 50+ bonus games to finally hit the golden one on Dead or Alive II as below:

And when i do gamble, i set a goal. And this goal is where i usually stick to. If i feel lucky i might high limit bets a go, otherwise i will stay calm, put and think of that tomorrow is another day. We’re not gambling like the world ends tomorrow. We’re gambling for both entertainment, thrills but also competitive play since real money is at stake. You cant beat the house. You cant beat roulette. You certainly cant beat the slots. Mathematical algorithms assure all casino’s profit on long term. You might get ahead today, they will take it back tomorrow. Has bin back then, has bin now today. By writing this article i already overcome my cravings to play. Peace.