Notice the signs of fake streaming

Nah, this is’nt a rant towards our buddy Ayezee but more a informative thread on how to recognize fake, obvious and misleading streamers. Any gambler in the world who is up a half mil in balance would quit, resign and take the money out. A half mil is pretty much a life changer in terms of winnings. But streamers who stream on a daily basis, cant withdrawl the amount. It’s against the promotional deal they have going with the casino. So the content your seeing, well, its just being generated to fill and spam up video platforms with. And your thinking oh he must be rich by now! Yes, rich of taking affilliates comission. Not rich of gambling in particular. Because long term gambling never stood up for being ahead really.

  • The balance is over a tons really
  • You never see a withdrawl appearing
  • The big win / balance from yesterday still there a day after
  • When something too good to be true, it surely is
  • Withdrawls that do indeed are done, are usually controlled accounts by the casino

Hair Implants by Ayezeee

Second, 200$ up to 1250$ bets are very, very unrealistic, knowing that most of the casino’s i play at either impose a cap on the maximum bet or simply do not offer games higher then 100$ per spin. Some casino’s do cap it in favor of house games, think of games that are exclusively brought onto the casino floor for the casino themself; where many of the comissison per bet placed are quite higher. I’ve played a couple of times on high limit stakes, up to € 125 per spin really. But i’m sure with an endless amount of wealth provided by the casino this is something you cant keep up long term. These casino’s impose these bets to attract large whales, and nothing more. Even they will somehow attest that the overall RTP presented by such casino’s is quite lower then a normal, licenced establishment.

Xposed faking streamer

And there you go. The promotion of these casino’s are crypto and overseas based, that dont see issues with the use of VPN. And here comes the culprit. Whenever you do seem to play, win big and attempt to withdrawl, the chances are there your account being closed for breaking the terms and conditions in the first place. And this is where you would hold zero to none ground in getting your money back. So if this is what you really would like to risk, play these vague casino’s with no jurisdiction other then sitting on an island to avoid any legislation, please do. There’s nobody obviously who can stop you. Just dont whine, whenever you fall for the obvious trap. We’ve seen streamers scamming their followers. Just dont join these give aways.