Promotion pack – Up to 500 and more!

Looking for free promotions upon your first deposit? Why not try the following package or deal present by – a up to € 500 first time deposit bonus followed with up to 225 free spins on various games! This promotion is a ideal starter for those who are new to gambling or already experienced enough. The rules are pretty straight forward with 39x wagering requirement which is the norm these days and is assured to give enough time and bankroll to play. Please do read any of the terms and conditions. This is not a bonus or deal to abuse. The casino has the right to close the bonus if you where breaching the terms and conditions for this. Dont let this hold you down and stick to the plan! – Legal & Licenced Casino

Megaslot - online casino with best deals

Above casino is one of the casino’s i play at, and sometimes stream some games upon live. You can try it too with a large selection of slots, live games and much more. For those not wanting a bonus or free deposit added, dont worry. You can de-select the option and continue on with plain funds.