Raffles not being paid out lol

In order for a streamer to keep a stream “busy” and “active” often raffles, guesses or give aways are being presented. This ensures that the majority of the followers “keep coming back” and keeps such streams or channels alive. It was just a matter of time before the first pulled off scam, simular like the fake Like, Share & Win on Facebook was debunked with pricing only given out to closest friends and a way to gain quick promotion of such channel(s). Today’s prime example is user @keyla_rahmawatL on Twitter that makes repeated answers to Roshtein about not handed out a Guess the Balance. Those free give aways usually have to be send only on the casino, meaning you have to have an account with the casino being promoted, and the free funds are usually within a wagering requirement.

This makes all perfect sense looking how these streamers are working together with the casino and knowing how everything comes with a price. It’s one big mouse-trap where easy withdrawal of funds is’nt really the case here. Correct, a “mouse-trap”. You get in and you only get out with paying a certain price for it. This is the enticement streamers go for and how much of a helpfull persons they truely are. As long as the affiliate signups are flowing in, and further more constant flow of deposits on odds which is proven to be lower on average compared to streamers, you can only guess the marketing model these folks are providing. Guys, de-sub yourself from such streamers. Delete your casino account(s). Report them on the platforms they are active, and move the f on with your life. There is’nt going to be any justice from people who are no good as the actual casino’s with their aggresive marketing designed to take money as fast as possible from their players.

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