Screw streamers and their irresponsible gambling

Imagine someone sitting with bank deciding to spunk, 200.000$ into a online casino, and unable to hit anything in particular. Just one dead and complete nuked session. Well that happend to one user, and i can only imagine the pain, loss and regret someone could ever feel after doing such a session.

Player lost 200000$ by gambling on a crypto casino thanks to streamers

No bank, regulated casino or even one spokesman would even allow such behaviour or activities and would question the health of a player while doing a 200000$ deposit. The only answer to this is by the use of a crypto casino. Where regulations are avoided as the plague, and zero to none preventions in place.

As i said the only place where such things could even occur are typical crypto casino’s, mass advertised by populair streamers like ayezee, roshtein, xposed and what more. So if you ever feel or are about to be in such a situation, please think twice to what happend to above player in particular.

Player lost while watching streamers playing big

These places are designed to rip you from your money, as the opposite of giving you your money. The RTP’s are as always considerable lower then a regular casino, and in worst case when you do hit big, problems might occur of not being paid out at all because you breached the Terms of service in the first place.

What Terms of service again? Yes, the small letters nobody bothers to read, but where streamers advocate the use of VPN, playing from “restricted country’s” and what more. I’m telling you, stay the F away from these irregulated shit places where it woud’nt suprise me is the cause of some suicide’s due to gambling.

User considers suicide over gambling loss

You want to actively support the stopping of fake streamers? It’s quite easy. There’s a report button on all video’s on every platform you can imagine, just hit the report, give a good written statement and hit submit. Sooner or later you’ll see the cries of these low grade shit streamers promoting crypto casino’s.

Report Ayezee for promotion of a unregulated casino rollbit

We wish everyone good luck who battles or has to deal with a gambling addiction. The last thing that should be on your mind when your truely trying to quit gambling completely, is watching these streamers that uphold a fake presentation with funded accounts or cashflow from the casino’s. It’s a true waste of time.

Note: if you experience suicidal thoughts, you are hurting yourself or you believe like ending it after a gambling loss, please consider taking help. No matter how big the pain or emotional stress your experiencing, there’s always a sollution to what your experiencing or going through.

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