Stake and roobet lower RTPs

In another attempt to crackdown on fake streamers and the ventures they promote, todays video of Rhyker Hackarry which is one of the few streamers that actually highlights such topics about fake streamers, roobet, stake and such. In his own analysis he learned quickly that the RTP’s for both Stake and Roobet are usually lower then advertised. Esp Roobet is hiding it’s RTP over several games on which you could only see by spawning up a developers console tab (Chrome > F12).

Some would argu that 96.6% vs 94.6 or 94% in general woud’nt mean the world, but as Rhyker Hackarry himself noticed, the games he tried just dont feel like as it should really. Players do lose their funds faster and in the bigger picture it’s another grand scheme of things. The RTP is basicly dialed down, to proberly cover the larger marketing costs involved paying streamers. Result is is that players often get shanked with quite lower RTP versions then they should.

Obviously, streamers do hold uplifted versions or games on steroids in regards of RTP. Their hit frequency is quite higher then any normal John Doe has. Some stories of players spunking up to 40.000$ in less then a week never even got ahead. Rumors are these casino’s run gamess with lower RTP’s, variance, bonus frequency and what more. At the end of the day the casino can select games with the provider with the desired RTP. And they select a lower version of that.

Please do note that, playing on oversea’s casino’s such as Roobet or Stake is a very bad choice for quite a few reasons. As a US citizen you cant play without using a VPN. You would be in breach of their TOS in the first place. With quite a big withdrawl your account needs to be validated, and here comes another culprit. Your US details wont work and they would boot you off for breaking it’s terms of service. Another aspect is is the following:

They cant be held accountable, at all, since they are in another jurisdiction. So lets say you would win quite an amount of money, the casino has everything behind it to revoke your withdrawl, funds and what more. But they do accept that you for example, keep depositting without any questsions asked obviously. And since there’s hardly any verification, a self exclusion like gamstop woudd’nt hold up in such country’s. Be very carefull.

Even tho i like some streamers from an entertainment standpoint, you still have to remember the 8 hours a day of streaming is not because someone is one a mission to crack slots or gambling in particular, its to setup a as large as possisble “brand” in regards of streaming. How many times false information is posted and using misleaded title’s in the first place? Most streamers are pure garbage where their only intention is to hook you up.We even see affiliates of Roshtein for example, not getting their freebie (lol). The level of sadness on some tweet responses is just stunning. People need to be woken up here and be reminded of the filthy tactics being pulled to people in the streamer scene. If something comes for free, like a giveaway, well, you now have an answer on how Roobet for example is funding it’s streamer by simply lowering the RTP. By the time the gambler figured out something must be wrong, Roobet already won.

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