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So as you know alot of casino’s can be disputed in terms of Return to player. Take Stake for example and in particular the negative reviews. You’ll notice that alot of the replies generated by Stake on Trustpilot do seem to have quite some simularities. Also Gamdom is one of a kind for enticing the user to email the support of the casino but never reply ( My Own Experience about Gamdom ) – anyway. This is about the important part in where the casino states that it’s legal, licenced and all games are supposedly fair and such. Please don’t take this as a absolute truth, it’s my own opinion on how these casino’s work. So lets say i want to start a casino. I have a license, a brand, a few providers with games and everything good to go. When i pick a provider as a casino i can opt for the “RTP” which can vary from 96.5% down to 82%.

The lower the RTP the less of a playtime you usually will get as a player. The lower the RTP goes usually the higher the profit for the casino and / or provider of the games. It’s debated and often evidence found for that, casino’s who do not show the RTP in usually the help file keep this hidden for obvious reasons. it’s on behalf of the provider to not disclose the RTP. Now there’s some tricks by inspecting the JS files presented by the casino, not all games support this feature but people caught casino’s lying on the actual RTP compared to what was displayed in the help file. There’s another model that “randomly distributes” all deposits done into casino’s with an avg of 96%. Some casino’s in curacao do this.

Obvious they are in a complete different continent, and don’t follow the same exact rules as Europe or US casino’s should do. You won’t be finding an exact answer to the above model, because mostly is covered with hefty NDA’s or information that is just disclosed for the public. Casino’s keep a mouth shut in regards of what’s actually going on under the hood. I have never played at stake, i played at Gamdom once, but i can only guess the experience as seen on Trustpilot in regards of how players are having a quite lower Return to player on Stake then a normal casino does. I play at 2 different casino’s in the same country. Both really yield different results. The 2nd one i play for years on is known for frequent lower wins then higher ones.

The thing is; a casino does’nt have to cheat. The maths or mathematical stuff behind a slot assures profit on the long term. Why do you think there are so many Slot Machines on a regular casino floor? Because they usually yield more then half of the revenue for the casino on the long run. A normal slotmachine in a casino upholds maybe 10.000 of spins before a jackpot finally comes out of it. Online it is different territory – where RTP is not calculated over 10k of spins but more in the millions or even billions of spins. It’s quite difficult to actually try to predict when the “machine” would be due and ready to spit out a jackpot. With landbased, some older WMS machines could display stats and in particular when the last jackpot was done.

I find it hard to believe that a platform like Stake upholds a 96% RTP while the complaints of people tossing in over hundreds of thousands trying to replicate can barely even get even. There’s enough evidence for that claim if you look into it. I’m sure Stake is’nt a legitimate scam, it’s licenced. But the mechanics that we can’t see speak for themself. If i was to gamble i’d expect some point of return. At least a playing straight if you try long enough. But it’s staggering the amount of people having a quite more worse experience then a regular casino usually does. Not all gamblers are addicts either – i’m sure there’s people who just curious and can’t seem to beat it for some reason. Stake has large budgets for marketing.

We can see that in Todays casino slot streamers are a joke where even celebrities such as Drake are on the payroll to promote stake. It is bizarre to know how much losses must have occured in where a marketing budget of hundreds of millions on a yearly basis is widely available. I think Stake is a hype. A cashgrab, a delusion. Sold as entertainment or that gambling is the new saturday night among youngsters. There’s lots of study’s done on gamblers. Generations come and go. And fresh blood must be poured in to keep the hype train going. It is no secret that any streamer even doing CSGo, WOW, Pubg and such are actively approached to promote gambling with zero financial loss. Here, take this one:

Streamer leyla papagiorgio who used to play FPS games, baked cookies and what more, suddenly makes a move into gambling due to her following audience. Within 12 months already a established hardcore gambler who rakes in millions of wins and seems to be a millionaire by now. Well we’re not that stupid to figure out something is going on here. Anyone winning a half a mil would have bin long gone and invest that money into useful things.

leyla papagiorgio fake streamer

The marketing budget from Stake and for a individual like leyla papagiorgio or anyone you see promoting stake is bizarre. She figured out that by streaming a year for Stake gained her more in 12 months then she would do on her own in roughly 5 years. This is another peace of evidence that streamers are’nt really there for their fan or user base. By now you should realise it’s All about money. If you signup with stake using anyone’s affiliate code, your losses are going straight to the streamer. It’s a fact. How much percentage depends on the type of deal these people have with stake. It’s usually 25% up to 40% – which means 25 ~ 40$ per 100$ loss. This is why the hype like mad because that’s how they make their money.

I’m a internet enterpreneur for more then 15 years. I’ve seen casino spam hidden on the internet and attempting to gain ground. The actual streaming of slots is what made this business booming more then ever. Right into your living room your favourite slots played and even up to a intensity of 24 hours if you wanted. I have to admit, i was a fan of Ayezee Fake Streamer but that was before all the fuss when actually streaming for the bigger brands. Basicly he’s a sellout just like leyla papagiorgio, xposed and all the others who followed footsteps of Roshtein. These people have zero guilt and bank their income on top of losses of the people who signup using their affiliate codes.

And admitted, if you do signup a player who decides to spunk 400k in a year time, your talking about $100000 up to $160000 a year on that player’s losses alone. But since i’m in affiliation myself as well, it’s not so bright as it looks. If a player signsup using my top casino picks, plays, and actually hits a withdrawal, i have to give back a percentage of my revenue in the first place. The trick for players is to play and actually get ahead, and don’t even think you can become rich by gambling 8 hours a day. The percentage i get is enough to for now sustain what i’m doing here, and that is providing well written articles for the masses who are curious. Streamers get their income by promoting slots with zero financial risk.

Yes folks. It’s that simple. And for some reason streamer accounts are “amped up” or on “steroids” or “unreal results” compared to a normal player. I do believe that as long as you do not withdrawal from a casino account, your RTP is kind of a very small percentage higher, untill you do hit withdrawal. Because how many players experienced a full flat dead on session after session right after a large withdrawal? Well i did. And i’m not the only one who experienced that. Just know that there’s nothing special from a stake promoter, as they get their balanced topped off from the casino’s own wallets to make it look real. This is to avoid issues with legislation in regards of online marketing and / or promotion. A final bonus thing for you:

ProdigyDDK fake slot streamer

ProdigyDDK made a interesting move as well. Intiially he promoted stake, then switches to “500 casino” and not even a week or 2 later, is on the Gamdom train. You can see the obvious logo’s inside the video’s as that is the only thing possible now in regards of branding, and a in video on how to use his code on the casino to get blablabla freebie’s and so on.

ProdigyDDK on Youtube using gamdom

Obviously i am not making this up and the desperate revenue model for these streamers is real. It gets even more desperate when you read the Todays Casino Slot Streamers being a joke. Don’t believe the hype! Or what was left of it… Now it’s a battle of who can win the first 10 million $ fake money.