Starting a livestream, soon

So, as a greeny and a first timer; ill be setting up my workstation to allow me to stream on youtube only. I’m not sure which day, date or time it even will be, but the moment i plan one ill let you obviously know. Other then a special windows user account designed for gambling only, the use of OBS is there anything more i should look out after? Gameplay will be real raw cash, no deals or bonus funds (unless i got dropped in bonus funds which sometimes happens as a “Rewarded” player with usually a 25x requirement). Please leave a thing in the comment and let me know! As for game selection ill usually pendle on slots only, i do have a account on one of the top casino’s for any live play if i want.

As for gameplay, i usually go my default route. hit or miss. double or nothing. Go rich or go bust. As a limit ill decide on the go if i want to raise more or not. The casino of choice will be 2 different portugese casino’s. (Bwin & Estoril Casino) Both are established brands, have a excellent reputation and dont bother to dip out a nicely big phat withdrawl thats processed within 48 hours. Please note that if your not from portugal or not living in portugal, you cant join these casino’s. Reason to that is upon signup verification is mandatory, and without proper documentation your not getting passed that first screen really, so dont bother. They have a grand selection of good premium games and providers.

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