Streamers are targetting third world countries now

The title is a bit straight through the front door, but i’m not so far off from it to be honest. I see more and more streamers hitting the “Free give away” nonsense in exchange for a follow, like or retweet for a quick promotion of targetting even a larger audience. I also noticed that more and more 3rd world countries are being targetted, since the majority of people dont have a clue on how this gambling streaming circus on the internet is going. We know that Ayezee is a fake streamer who attempted to copyright his own content from a perfectly illustrated video as a cheap attempt to hide the obvious, that he indeed faked being transparant.

Ayezee does not respond to personal messages

This is’nt the first time on the website of certain messages are being send while it explicit states that this has nothing todo with ayezee. Some are worrying enough and some are at the virge of self harm due to obviously a gambling addiction. These are the people that in general are being aimed for. Quantity over quality, gather as much as affiliate signups as they can, before the sickening world of affiliation, lies and all that is coming to an end. There is no business in affiliation of casino’s or streaming if your target audience is making money on losses of others. It is morally wrong and does not benefit any society.

Ayezee in a nutshell together with other streamers

Many studies where performed in the past about the economic effects of gambling addiction. Primarily people who where supposed to buy a house, a car, perform a repair, doing grocery’s or supposed to pay for college for their kids, are turning their money on a steady basis more and more to the casino’s. Esp with the internet crypto like stake on some vague island and housed in litterally a shack, this movement cant be any good. And people like above should realise that making steps to exclude yourself from not only gambling but also any enticement is the first step to becoming better and getting your life back on the road. There is no other way i’m affraid for those who write to harm themself.

A short and brief answer to one of the folks who wrote to ayezee

Ayezee is in my opinion just another libanese scumbag, who feasts of the losses of other, while generously being paid by the casino. I cant understand what fun it is going 1000$ or 100k bonus buys on a daily basis like this dude has all the wealth in the world to provide a stream for everyone including free give aways. No sir, the target audience is the product. The longer they watch the greater the chances are for them to signup to these rogue, offshore and immoral casino’s that have marketing budgets up in the millions a month to keep providing new fresh blood. Protect the younger generation, make them aware that gambling is’nt cool. More important that the chances of winning great is extremely slim on such places.

If your 16, 18 and you have your life ahead, dont gamble. There are quite some horror stories from youngster who started great in life, had the finances, bought a house and gambled it simply all away. Or they are in significant debth at their 25th of age. These are’nt things that you can be proud of, at all. And it’s sicking youtube still providing a platform for these entertainers who obtained nothing but a netflix type of spot in where enticement of gambling is being presented. They are each and everyone of them, all fake. They will grab as much as cash as possible, wipe their ass with any of these sad stories of life, because they are no longer beneficial for them or the casino. Peace.