Streamers biggest income are gambling addicts

Ok, a bit of a rough title but i think by now i understand who & why these streamers target their audience in the widest possible way. Problem gamblers are people who shoud’nt be gambling in the first place. Their addiction usually took over their finances and often the most horror story’s you can imagine about people that have gambled away all their funds. For most of the time viewers that watch streamers are usually out for their own fix. I cant believe a normal human being would even enjoy a show watching someone gamble and celebrate fake funds or action appear on stream. As for some of you knew, i run and it gave me a kind of clear view of what is happening behind the screens.

The website was initially build to cockblock the most populair streamers as i did had some intentions of launching quite some websites. I would de-bunk various things you see happening in the streaming business of gambling and simply deface the frauds they truely are. Watching someone gamble while being funded by the casino serves no other purpose then, bring in new potential or existing (problem) gamblers. It’s simple as that. And the tactics applied to it are dirty. Extremely dirty. We’ve seen gamblers who shoud’nt be gambling at all, like being signed up onto gamban and other app still being throw freebie’s on casino’s that are based offshore. This is a problem but profit for the casino. They allow it.

Second, various users coud’nt read at all on whats listed on the Contact page and start sending various messages that usually go from “I am a gambling addict” or “I spend my last 1000 euro” or “Can i get in touch” or “Can you spare me some free money” etc etc etc. Ill blockquote a few messages at this point, far more easier then ramping up a screenshot per send email. Privacy details obviously excluded.

Hello, i have been gambling for about 5 yeras now, constantly everytime i get money i gamble it, i want to know if there is anything i can do to help stop? ive been to rehab 3 times for my gambling addiction and its ruining lives and i need help. ive lost too many relationships and family becasue of my addiction, is there anything you guys cna do to help me…

Hello A, I’m one of our Referrals from germany on Rollbit. Can you help me please. Can you give me a loan. I lost my house in flood disaster in germany and now all my money. best regards A

Can you please give me a bonus my username is on rollbit i have lost everything

hello A, i have gambling addiction i lost a lot of money for me like 1000 dollars and i was just play it for fun first then i couldnt stoped myself from this madness i was just playing for shopping or something and it takes over me, i wanna quit from this bulls**t, can you help me ? btw i have such a bad story about that 🙂 i told you i was just playin for shopping for myself and my phone is broken that day and i have a new goal for iphone 13 pro it seems funny but it feels bad man , then i started gambling just for phone i lost my money on this way and i dont wanna lose more can you please give me an advice ?

The amount of messages that i see coming by on are stunning in that matter. The whole little circle is build on gambling and solely for existing problem gamblers but to attract also new one. The way this works is fairly simple. Freebies are given, users are asked to place a comment on youtube video’s with their rollbit username and place a like to join the later raffle. Retweets are asked among twitter as part of a quick and filthy part of promotion and usually where even bonus terms apply such as wagering requirement over the given free money. Basicly what it boils down to is casino-scale operation led by a few that is out to only become larger by affiliation.

The way any streamer makes money, and even in my Top Casino Overview is due to affiliation. It is a registration performed by a player by using one of the links or “code” provided by the streamer. Once you signed up, you make a deposit, and would lose the deposit, usually 20 to 40% of the players loss, flows back to the affiliate. Now if we have random players that lose 1000$ a day, you are guaranteed to make at least 200$ up to 400$ on just one player on that particular day. Now imagine if you have over a dozen or maybe thousands of affiliates, that number becomes quite large right? It is no secret that Roshtein, Ayezee, Prodigy etc all stream for the same purpose.

It is to bring in a shitload of affiliates, where they present a false mispresentation of gambling. It is proven that streamers do have a higher RTP then avg users as shown before with stake and roobet. Rollbit is no different. Streamers are getting paid “millions” pretty much based on how many of audience or better said how much long term affiliates are brought into the casino on monthly basis. The millions they get paid, a part of that flows back into the casino as part of the deal they have (no streamer gets free money) and sometimes they have to play the casino’s little bitch. Whenever a noname streamer suddenly comes up with hundreds per spin, you know it’s off.

Personally, i coud’nt sleep knowing the hundreds of potential victems of this false presentation of slots are being lured into a mouse-trap where they usually lose thousands before they realise, the odds are so slim to even get close. It’s your paying for your own slot entertainment with no real “escape” of truely being ahead in gambling. I suggest, and this is my personal opinion, that you stop playing at such overseas, crypto or unregulated casino’s, close your account and tell your streamer that the best thing you could do today was raise your middlefinger towards him and his casino, and that your out. Trust me you’ll start to feel better pretty soon if you suffer from a gambling addiction. They are doing the same, the same wine in different bags. Nothing new.