The Casino Rollbit Ayezee is promoting

Ah yes, i have bin digging a bit in the saga in between Ayezee, Roshtein, Kick (who seem to have cleared his ban now) but also the casino Ayezee is promoting for some time. It’s interesting to dive into the Trustpilot -1 Section of Rollbit because it can bring sometimes a good clear pattern of how the casino is operating. At first the majority of casino’s will have negative reviews – some people lost and fire their frustrations off. We’ve seen it. We also seen the Steady Paid Positive Reviews on Trustpilot for Casino’s which rollbit is doing as well.

People encouraged to write positive reviews about rollbit on trustpilot

What i personally look most for is the red flags within user reviews. People who had no restrictions signing up, doing a deposit, playing but upon cashout, even if it’s within the lower numbers, suddenly be confronted with KYC. In my opinion any casino should uphold a KYC before you can even deposit or place a bet. Just to have any misunderstandings cleared out first. But when you search on the first page on the letters “KYC” you’ll see what i mean. Those and some other points i look at when reviewing a crypto based casino.

It is the same tactic lots of rogue casino’s are applying. You can get in, deposit shit tons of money, but upon cashing out, suddenly a KYC is activated. Most streamers tell folks to use a VPN to “mask” any of the banned countries. Or through the streamer get support on avoiding KYC. But that is obviously the risk your taking as a player. When i play i want to have full confidence that i would pass KYC and not involved in these bullshit claims about being a responsible casino. Anyway, when i quick check the high rollers area, it’s really not looking that good.

Bad wins on Rollbit

The high roller section (with live updates) followed with Lucky wins is usually a indication if a casino is hot or not. With rollbit and tested through various hours. I find it funny to read closed accounts for obvious reasons – it’s like a marketing agent in favor for the casino, looking to pick users to avoid paying these out. A player not paid out is profit for the casino. Do that 3 to 5 times a week and the numbers start to become interesting. I usually avoid large streamers who promote certain ventures. Fake money, sketchy conditions, red flag type of reviews and obviously paid 5 star reviews.

Does this mean the casino promoted by Ayezee is Bad? In my opinion – i’m sure there’s satisfied users on there but i would personally avoid it. Most of these crypto casino’s are generally all the same. It varies in between rakebacks, but in the percentage you get just as equal odds at one place vs the other. I’d stick with what has bin good for me, such as Top Casino’s and highly avoid rollbit. Streamers who get paid tons of money, it has to come from somewhere right? I would like not to contribute to such marketing budgets in the first place.

Xposed opinion on Ayezee vs Roshtein

Now that the waters are clear that Ayezee confirmed to get refills of over 700k a week, which is technically just play money in order to make, create streams or generate content, in my book people should just stop watching him and the majority of these clowns who are obviously faking it. In my book it’s far more fun to see streamers with real balances enjoying a real thrill or winning real money compared to the “We cannot cash this out” type of bullshit. If anyone remembers Bossmanjack, check out this screenshot after swapping from Stake to BC Game (lmao).

Bossmanjack trying to cashout

Did bossmanjack really believe the 500$ refills where to be cashed out?