The promotion of Stake casino

Have you noticed how the majority of streamers are promoting stake? And the average bet sizes compared to any casual gambler are out of the ordinary? We’re talking in the numbers of 140$ up to 1250$ a spin here as if these streamers who promote stake are sitting on a bunch of tree’s stacked with money. They can piss away thousands in barely hours. Well the more i dive into the tale the more i see Stake casino appearing up through Kick and such. I’ve also noted that people like Trainwreckstv admitted to make on avg 360.000$ a year while streaming gambling or in broadest sense online casino’s.

So yeah we start to see a picture where a streamer is getting contracted by Stake. Stake sponsors them from that point on. Stake prepares wallets it seems that are refilled on a regular basis. But stake also pays the streamer a reasonable amount and thanks through affiliation, a good income is preserved. This is pretty much how streamers are doing it. Are they really getting paid millions ? If you deduct the fake money refills, then yeah likely not. A high end streamer can be happy to make more then 250k on a yearly basis.

The thing with stake is, and i’ve heard it many times, people realize once they lost a considerable amount of money, that Stake is perhaps one of the worst casino’s to play at. Esp. the in house games like Dice, Plinko, Keno and what more. The sole reason why online casino’s are pushing inhouse games is due to the higher profit margins. With providers like Pragmatic, Hacksaw and such a certain fee is to be paid for licensing the games in the first place. When you generally push your own product, the overal money you make will be higher.

The problem with folks who promote stake, they are not going to disclose “Hey i’m getting fake money and i’m playing with fake money” as that would set off a large audience. Who is going to watch someone play who obviously is sponsored and all the winnings are not his but only a (small) percentage? Exactly. To be fair, i think the end-game of what Stake has bin doing with tons of marketing budget, is coming to an end. The picture becomes more and more clear over time how left and right various streamers are simply paid to gamble on Stake.

Users need to be aware, that the majority of who is promoting stake, rollbit, roobet, what more, are likely to be sponsored, and the ludicrous bets they are doing, is likely not their own money. This declares exactly why some streamers have zero gamble experience but seem to be buying 100k’s of bonusses away like it’s nothing. Do you really think they are in it with their own money? No. It’s the affiliates who signup using their code, who pay for this. And the chances are likely, mathematical speaken, that the player would barely break even.

Gambling on the long run is extremely tough. Try to measure your avg deposit vs withdrawal ratio on the casino’s you play. You’ll see that in most of the time, your almost or maybe not, break even. But surely in a loss. It’s just the way the product has bin designed, and the way the product is sold to you or others. What if gambling is’nt gambling anymore, but your paying for your own entertainment? Your paying to win back your own money? As long as a casino fits the advertised RTP over the X course of time, it would be legal by law.

Now casino’s from curacao are not generally considered to be the very best. The license does not hold alot of value or let alone quality compared to a AAA+ country. It seems that anyone can signup through stake, deposit in the thousands of dollars, without one even questioning how and why. It is only at withdrawal, suddenly things become a issue. I would like to raise awareness to visitors that the majority of streamers who seem to promote these brands with hundreds of k’s in balance, are likely, if not 99.9% are being sponsored.

A interesting discussion in between TrainwrecksTV & Roshtein

The only difference is are the ones who actually come out for it, and be transparant about it. But that is not the case with a lot of stake casino affilated sponsors. Most of them seem to uphold quite some nonsense or simply do not talk about it. Mods are given instructions to remove or ban anyone from even questioning it. I mean what if the little house of cards starts to rot and comes down? Streamers would be having to seek, a real job perhaps instead of trying to sell gambling to the public and often underaged.