Tips in selecting casino

There is nothing more frustrating then signing up to a casino, to play, attempt to hit withdrawl, and your tossed around your ears with all sorts of excuses, hoops and stalling tactics. To give a clear and simple answer: this can be prevented in the future if you do a bit of your homework in relation of selecting a new casino. In the days of internet we have various sources to look for any suspicious or red flag activity and i’ll show you a few key ones. It is important to know that in between the official brands that do have a good reputation quite some bad casino’s are out there too, only willing to grab your money and offer zero to none support. Also the message that streamers give when promoting a casino, they coud’nt care less if you lose all your money or not get paid at all. So use this guide as your future reference to determine finding the right casino for you. It can save quite some time & money!

  • Fast withdrawl time, no limitations to the amount
  • Serious Customer Care, fast response
  • Licensed casino’s, not just offshore ones
  • Suitable for VIP high rollers in the world
  • Complaint or scam free of bad reviews

I’ve played in the past at some curacao & malta based brands, to figure out, it was a endless situation. The slots where there, but often with quite lower RTP’s and the difficulty quite high. It was impossible to win or even come ahead on long term. Once i opened up some websites about these ventures, i was’nt the only one. The first thing i tend todo when i signup to casino’s is go straight for verification. The country i’m resident in it’s mandatory and you can’t play without having your documents put up front first. I think this is a good strategy, but also a good signal, if the casino takes you as a player seriously. I had casino’s that really did’nt bother going through the verification proces. When i attempted to close my account, which looked like extremely difficult, i got a “free spins” bonus email back. It’s just utterly garbage how some casino’s are completely designed to mouse trap their players.

Dont be fooled. There’s quite some sources that you can use, for example in Google with “Casinoname + Review”. This will usually spawn up websites like Trustpilot, Askgamblers and so on. When you read their complaints or negative reviews, i want you to take a more closer look to signs about players not being paid out, stuck on verification or booted off the platform after winning big. These are signals for me personally to determine a good casino or not. What’s a good search is “Casinoname + review + forum” to get a more detailled look on users on forums on how their experience is. Ive lost quite some money regards to signing up to the wrong casino to be honest. Even followed a streamers link, on which i got duped for € 500 on which Gamdom for example, could have solved so easily but never bothered to take a look at it. A long story straight, there are casino’s out there on which business model is only *more*.

Just dont be only focussing on these review or experience websites. Some of ‘m offer paid reviews for casino’s, or entice their users to write a positive review in exchange for a bonus. This obviously makes the whole point of a review system biassed and cant be trusted. Ive experienced this myself. I wrote 2 or 3 different reviews about 3 casino’s. One that stood up after a bad review was a constant stream of new reviews all with a positive experience and some of ‘m even writing “Perfect casino for germany”. That is obviously a paid marketing company being at work for the casino there. It’s very bad practice and websites like trustpilot or askgamblers coud’nt fully be trusted. As i wrote, not paying, no verification etc are signals for me to walk away from the establishment. A good casino does’nt have to rely on above tactics. A happy customer is one that will return. No need for such scam tactics in order to extract more money.

You can see this often; an existing good brand is being bought by a bigger casino. Over time the complaints about a good branding are starting to appear. Its slowly but surely becoming another cash grab venture and users are duped. Casino’s that uphold a betting limitation is not a good sign for me either. Or some even deploy stuff that you need to work through a VIP first before you could even bet higher. Bonus deals, i dont even take these. Let it be known that these casino’s do often everything in their power without breaking the law, to make it as difficult as possible for their users. If you have other tips feel free to leave it in the comments. This could help another finding a good casino. I have a section of top casino’s as well in where you will find excellent casino’s to play at. Combination of live games, slots and bettings. These are handpicked by me and offer the best experience.

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